Truck leaving Edgewood College in the Fall.
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Safety & Security

Jack Leskovar, Director of Security and Risk Management

Security Office, Weber Hall
(608) 663-3285

Edgewood College knows that you deserve a safe, secure, and welcoming campus environment. We're committed to maintaining that campus environment.

Our Security staff works closely with the City of Madison Police Department and the UW-Madison Police Department to ensure that areas on campus are as safe as possible. We are a community within a community and an active part of the City of Madison and its residents.

The Security Department is staffed by six full-time officers, five part-time officers, and a total of 30 student workers. The department maintains a staffed presence 24-hours a day and offers a variety of services to help keep you and our faculty and staff as safe as possible.

The Eagle Alert System is designed to provide notification and instruction to students, faculty and staff in the event of an emergency on campus, including severe weather that results in cancellation of classes. The mass notification system will only be used to send critical safety information to the Edgewood College Community.

The Security office provides services to students, faculty and staff such as Safety Escorts and SAFE Ride Shuttles. Safety escorts are available 24-hours a day and are available for campus use only. The SAFE Ride Shuttle operates the evenings of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and will bring students to downtown Madison and back to campus. There are nine different stops along the way.

In compliance with the U.S. Department of Education and according to the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, Edgewood College makes public Annual Security and Fire Safety Reports as they relate to our campus. In addition, the Dean of Students Office works closely with the Security Department to ensure that students are safe and free from sexual violence and gender discrimination. Printed copies of Annual Security and Fire Safety Reports are available upon request. Please call (608) 663-4321.

We also provide our students with up to date resources and information in the event that they are considering reporting incidents of sexual violence.

To report a security or safety concern, please call the Security Office at (608) 663-3285. To summon an officer or report an emergency, call the Security Emergency Line at (608) 663-4321.

Numbers to Know
Emergency Response: 911
Security Emergency Line: (608) 663-4321
Security Non-Emergency Line: (608) 663-3285
Campus Assistance Emergency Line: (608) 663-4444

Know What to Do

Parking and Transportation

In addition to offering a limited number of parking permits for Students, Faculty and Staff, the College offers alternatives to private vehicle operation.

The College operates a remote-parking shuttle service for all Students, Faculty and Staff. The service is provided at no cost to riders. The College offers numerous incentives to our College community members who use the free shuttle service.

The College provides for all Students, Faculty and Staff at Edgewood College a discounted Madison Metro Bus Pass.

In addition, the College offers numerous incentives to our College community members who carpool, or who commute by bicycle.

Visitor Parking

On the Main Campus, please park in the Visitor Spaces located in the front row of the Regina Parking Lot (next to the Predolin Humanities Building). Then, please register your vehicle with the Campus Assistance Center (CAC) located in the Predolin Humanities Building.

If there are no visitor spaces available, visitors may park in any available, legal spot (never in a fire lane, for example) including the College's parking ramp. Please do not park in the High School or Campus Grade School lots. Please do not park in Siena, Rosewood, Marshall, or The Stream parking spaces. Parking in these lots may result in being ticketed and towed at the owner's expense. Parking illegally in a fire lane, or in a marked handicapped spot, may also result in being ticketed and towed at the owner's expense.

Alcohol and Drug Use

In compliance with federal law, the Edgewood College's Alcohol and Drug Use Policy ensures we maintain a drug free campus and workplace. Involvement with drugs or alcohol can adversely affect an individual’s physical and mental health, the work and academic environment, job and academic performance, and the safety of all.  This communication and its contents ensure that you are fully informed about Edgewood College’s alcohol and other drug policies; local, State and Federal laws; sanctions associated with policy or legal violations; health risks associated with the use of illicit drugs and the abuse of alcohol; and, both on- and off-campus resources that are available to you as an Edgewood College employee or student. 

Questions concerning this policy and alcohol and other drug programs and interventions may be directed to Student Development at (608) 663-2212 or, Human Resources, at (608) 663-4304, or Personal Counseling Services at (608) 663-4148. Please see ALCOHOL AND DRUG USE POLICY.