We Are Here For You

Spring Semester 2020

On March 23, 2020, Edgewood College moved all classes to fully online for the remainder of the Spring Semester. While teaching and learning may feel different this spring,  what has not changed is our commitment to our students, to our shared community, and to each other. While we (like many of us) are today in an online learning environment, we are first and foremost a community. Faculty and staff have produced a video that reminds students, and reminds all who are touched by this community, that “we are here for you.”  

Tuesday, May 5 - 5pm

Dear Students

I know many of you are getting ready for final projects and final exams. Hang in there, you’re almost to the end of the semester. You’ve got this!  

Even as we move through the last week of classes for this semester, please let me update you on plans for fall 2020. We remain committed to teaching and learning in classrooms, and on campus, when the fall 2020 semester begins.

Many of you have told me it is the feeling of belonging, and of being in community, that first led you to explore becoming a student here. As President Gevelinger said in reaching this decision, "Our students, faculty, and staff have shown themselves to be creative and resilient in the face of this disruption But ‘at the heart of ministry is relationship,’ and those relationships are best formed and nurtured when we are together.”

You can be sure that, as is true with every semester, the health and the safety of our students and our entire community is the highest priority. That will of course be the case in August. We expect to welcome incoming freshmen to the residence halls on Sunday, August 16, 2020. And we expect classes to get underway on Wednesday, August 19 - on campus. 

We continue to heed the recommendations of the CDC, and follow the direction of our elected officials. While there is much that feels out of our hands during these days, we are taking steps to do everything we can to allow for your safe return to living and learning on campus this fall.

As you are aware, we'll have a new president at that time. While Dr. Andrew Manion’s official start date is June 1, he is already at work leading a task force to develop specific plans and contingencies for the fall semester at Edgewood College. 

All my best for a strong finish to a challenging semester, and be well!

As always, please reach out to deanofstudents@edgewood.edu or 608-663-2212 if you have further questions. 


Heather Harbach, Ed.D. '17
Vice President for Student Development

Return to Work Guidelines


Edgewood College is committed to providing an inclusive environment for all members of our community. Please remember that any bias or harassment toward community members of perceived Asian descent will not be tolerated. All campus members play an integral part in creating a community that is free from discrimination, harassment, and hate.

If you have been the target of (or have witnessed) an incident of discrimination or of bias, please complete the online form. 

*** Service and Department Updates ***

Personal Counseling Services (PCS) is offering phone consultations to students who are struggling with their mood, anxiety, or other mental health concerns. Details can be found on the PCS website at https://counseling.edgewood.edu/. PCS is also working to provide online workshops on topics related to self-care and mental health during this challenging time.

Follow us on Instagram for daily self-care tips!  @EdgewoodCollegeWellnessCenter

For our residence hall students, we’d like to thank you for the quick response and relative calm with which you adjusted to the news that we needed to make the halls inaccessible for the time being.  Please know that your safety was our primary concern.  if your circumstances have changed or you wish to reach out, please don’t hesitate to email us at deanofstudents@edgewood.edu.  We will continue to be in touch as further plans develop. 

The Office of Student Inclusion and Involvement has moved all programming, student engagement, student organization development and student support online (using a combination of social media platforms, WebEx and some online gaming resources). We aim to continue to provide a variety of opportunities for engagement that continue to enhance your Edgewood College experience. OSII has scheduled a combination of trivia nights, movie parties, jeopardy, photo challenges, online scavenger hunts and open chats with the OSII staff. With this, we also will be launching a Social Justice Book Club (reading one book until the end of the semester and having online discussions) and Senior Series (a partnership series to help our seniors transition out of their college experiences).In addition, OSII will continue our Women's History Month and Asian American Pacific Islander Month programs.

Career Development appointments and services will continue to be available. Students can:

The Center for Student Success continues to meet with first-year, transfer, and undeclared students using video or telephone conferencing. Student Success Advisors will be in touch with their students within the early part of this week for instructions on preparing for the upcoming registration. Undergraduate students can also use their Handshake accounts to get support in developing career search materials (resumes, cover letters, etc.) and to schedule video or telephone conferences to discuss career goals and plans with a Student Success Advisor.

The Mail Center will be open from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday-Friday to process mail and packages for students.   The Bookstore will be closed, but we will process any orders placed online and ship those orders daily.  Staff members are available to answer questions via email or phone.

The Business Office is available to answer questions via email or phone.  Student can pay your bill online through Edgewood Express using debit/credit or checking.  Online payment is strongly encouraged to avoid physical exchange or cash or check.   

Peer Tutors, the Math Lab, and Course Coaches are working to build online spaces for students to continue this important connection with their learning.  We're still putting together the pieces, but there will be individual tutoring, drop-in tutoring times, and group sessions.  We will be sharing all the important info through professors, BlackBoard, email, and online in the days ahead. We know how many of you rely on some form of tutoring to support your learning in the classroom, and we are fully committed to continuing all of these services virtually.  

Up to date information, links, and schedules will be posted online at: https://lss.edgewood.edu/Student-Resources 

The Writing Center is aiming to move online by Wednesday, March 25th. Writing tutors will read your paper and provide feedback within 48 hours (depending on staffing, we may be able to respond sooner).  To submit papers and check for updates, please go to the Writing Center website:https://writing-center.edgewood.edu/ Our online system will keep evolving, so thanks for your patience.  We can't wait to virtually write and work with you!"

Edgewood Central is able to assist you with questions related to financial aid, student billing or student registration and has staff available from 8:30-4:30 Monday -Friday.

            Self-service options:

  • Financial Aid: Financial aid award letters and documents can be accessed or uploaded on Edgewood Express>My Financial Aid>Manage My Financial Aid
  • Additional forms and resources are available: https://www.edgewood.edu/admissions/tuition-and-financial-aid/financial-aid-resources
  • Business Office:  Billing account information can be accessed on Edgewood Express>My Account Info>Manage and Pay My Bill
  • Courses and registration:  Course schedules and grades can be accessed on Edgewood Express>Courses and Registration Deadlines and other information registration related forms are available: https://registrar.edgewood.edu/

    If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 608-663-4300 or email us at ecentral@edgewood.edu. We also have the ability to do a video chat via skype or WebEx if desired. We look forward to working with during this challenging time for everyone. 

    The Technology Assistance Center (TAC) is here to help with all of your technology needs.  You can find our office hours on technology.edgewood.edu.  We have remote tools to assist you with issues on virtually any device.  We can be reached at services.edgewood.edu (ticket portal), 608-663-6900 (phone), ortechnology-assistance@edgewood.edu (email).   Stay tuned for more technology information as software companies continue to increase the availability of their software in response to the current events. 

April 29- 3pm Update on Commencement

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff

There are few experiences that match the feeling of completing a college degree – undergraduate, masters, or doctoral. For our students who are finishing up their requirements for their degree, and were planning to mark the occasion at our commencement ceremony next month, there is deep disappointment; after all of their struggles, all of their hard work, fulfilling so many shared goals, they will not be able to participate in May as all of us had planned. 

Today, I am formally inviting them, and their family and friends, to our Commencement in May 2021. They are receiving this invitation today in a separate email, along with details about next steps, and details about our COR of Commencement. This special delivery sent to them in no way will replace the joy and celebration of our Commencement. We do pray that it reminds them of the enormous accomplishment of earning a college degree – at every level.

I continue to work closely with Margaret Noreuil, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs/Academic Dean, as we navigate these challenging waters. If I had been blessed to confer degrees at that most important academic ceremony, this is what I would have shared with the graduates, and all in attendance:

“Congratulations, dear Graduates, all of you who have studied so long and so hard to arrive at this moment! You have been smart, hard-working, curious and challenging. You have searched for Truth in every class. As you begin the journey, diploma in hand, to another road in your life, I am confident that you will take with you the values that have found their space deep within you at Edgewood College, the values of Truth, Justice, Compassion, Partnership and Community. I am confident that your life will reflect these values, and that these values will return to you as well. I am confident that you will each be a blessing to all those you come in contact with, as you are committed to building a just and compassionate world.” 

I am also in touch with our incoming President, Dr. Andrew Manion. He asked if he too might send a message to those completing their degrees, and includes a generous proposition:

I have not met any of you yet, but I share your disappointment that we have had to cancel commencement this year. That said, I believe each of you has earned your moment on the stage in front of your loved ones, being honored for the accomplishment of earning your degree. So, I have worked with the commencement committee to come up with a way for you to do so. When the “Safer at Home” order has been lifted or modified to allow small group gatherings, every graduating student will be invited to arrange a short, private commencement ceremony with me. 

We will do these throughout the summer. When you sign up for a day and time, you and your family will be invited to my office, where you will be in cap and gown, I will confer your degree, and pictures will be taken as I hand you your diploma. You will be asked to “move your tassel to the left” as is traditional, and you will receive the Dominican Blessing. The whole “ceremony” will be about 5 minutes. While this won’t have quite the pomp and circumstance of a full-scale commencement ceremony, it will be personalized for you and should be a memorable experience for you and your family (and you won’t have to sit through speeches).

Of course, if you cannot make it to Madison for a private ceremony, Dr. Gevelinger and I look forward to welcoming you to Commencement in May 2021, where you will be specially honored. Congratulations on persevering through the strangest spring semester in history, and on the completion of your degree.

-Andrew P. Manion, Ph.D.

I hope that you, like me, appreciate Dr. Manion’s reaching out to our graduates this way.

Thank you for the role each of you plays in making our community one that models compassion and partnership. As we’ve said before these are new and challenging times, and it’s important that we hold each other in our hearts.

Best wishes for all of you for a strong finish to this semester, and be well.

April 18 - 12pm Pass/Fail FAQ

Dear Students, 

Since mid-March, we have taken unprecedented steps to ensure that you remain safe, healthy, and are able to stay on track for graduation.  Earlier this month we announced a change in our grading policy for spring 2020 semester due to the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic.  Today, we are providing additional information regarding the change in grading policy.

For the spring 2020 semester, you will be allowed a one-time opportunity to request converting your letter grades to a Pass/Fail notation. This option is available to all students, undergraduate and graduate, in all programs. This decision was made in the hope of easing your concerns during this uncertain time.

There are pros and cons to taking the Pass/Fail option, so please consider this decision carefully.  Whether or not it is the right decision for you depends on many factors.  We created this Frequently Asked Questions page to answer some of the questions we anticipate you may have; but we encourage every student weighing this decision to speak with their faculty member and/or academic advisor.

This has been a challenging semester and I know you have faced upheaval in every aspect of your lives.  Please know that we are here to support you and hope you continue to take care of yourselves and one another.

Spring 2020 Pass/Fail Option for Students

  1. How will this process work?
    • - You should continue to work hard in all of your classes, and do not make any decision to take a course Pass/Fail until you know the letter grade you earned in the class. 
    • -Professors will submit the letter grade you earned for the course at the end of the semester as normal.
    • -Once grades are submitted, students will have from 12:01AM on May 21 until 11:59PM on May 26 to request that their letter grade be converted to a Pass/Fail option.
    • -The Registrar’s Office will receive the request and convert your letter grade to a Pass/Fail grade according to the following scale:
      • A letter grade of A, AB, B, BC, C will be converted to a High Pass (HP) grade
      • A letter grade of CD or D will be converted to a Low Pass (LP) grade
      • A letter grade of F will be converted to a Fail (F*) grade
        (The ‘*’ denotes a failure in a P/F course as opposed to a letter grade course).
  2. Do I have to move my courses to a Pass/Fail grading method?
    • No.  You have the option to move as many or as few (or none) of your classes to P/F.  The default grading method will be the normal letter grade.
  3. Do I have to select the Pass/Fail grading option for each of my courses individually?
    • Yes.  If you do not want to keep the letter grade for any of your courses, you must select the Pass/Fail grading option for each course individually.
  4. Is my decision to choose a Pass/Fail grade for a particular course reversible?
    • No. Once you select the option of Pass/Fail grade for a particular course, that decision is not reversible.
  5. When can I choose to opt out of the letter grade and select a Pass/Fail grading option?
    • You have from 12:01AM on May 21 until 11:59PM on May 26, 2020 to submit your request to change letter grades to P/F.
  6. How do I select the Pass/Fail grading option?
    • The details of the process are still being developed.  More information will be coming.  
  7. I am a student athlete. Does that influence my decision regarding the Pass/Fail option?
    • Changing courses to Pass/Fail will have no impact on your athletic eligibility unless you were ineligible for the Spring 2020 semester.  If you were ineligible for the Spring 2020 semester, you will need to reestablish your credits and GPA to be eligible in the Fall of 2020.  Please contact the Assistant Director of Athletics for Compliance, Justin Meyer (jumeyer@edgewood.edu) if you have any questions on this topic.
  8. I am a veteran.  Does that influence my decision regarding the Pass/Fail option?
    • Yes, that should influence your decision.  Every student veteran should contact our School Certifying Official, Karene Cary, to determine whether changing courses to Pass/Fail would be a wise option for you.  The best way to contact Karene is by emailing the Registrar’s Office at registrar@edgewood.edu.
  9. Will opting for a Pass/Fail grade have a negative impact on my Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for financial aid?
    • In most cases, there would not be a negative impact. Students still earn credits for each course with a “Pass” grade.  However, Pass/Fail grades do not affect your cumulative GPA.   If your cumulative GPA is below the required 2.0 for undergraduate students or 3.0 for graduate students, you will violate the SAP requirements.  If you fall into this scenario, you may go through the appeal process to have your financial aid eligibility reviewed.  The unusual circumstances of the semester will be taken into consideration. Please contact Edgewood Central, ecentral@edgewood.edu, 608-663-4300 with any questions.
  10. What constitutes a Pass grade?
    • A letter grade of A, AB, B, BC, or C is equivalent to a High Pass (HP) grade.
    • A letter grade of CD, or D is equivalent to a Low Pass (LP) grade.
    • A letter grade of F is equivalent to a Fail (F*) grade.
      (The ‘*’ denotes a failure in a P/F course as opposed to a letter grade course).
  11.  Are there any courses for which I can’t select a Pass/Fail grading method?
    • Courses that are already considered Pass/Fail courses prior to the implementation of this policy will remain Pass/Fail courses (i.e. you will earn either a P for Pass or an F* for Fail rather than a HP, LP or F*)
  12. Will courses taken Pass/Fail count toward my graduation/major requirements?
    • Generally speaking, yes, in Spring 2020, any course taken Pass/Fail in which a HP or LP is earned will satisfy major/graduation requirements. The exceptions would be majors and minors requiring a specific GPA to graduate, so you should be sure to meet with your faculty advisor and/or professional advisor if you are in one of those majors and there is concern about being near that GPA threshold.
  13. Will courses taken Pass/Fail count towards my major or minor?
    • In most cases, yes, in Spring 2020, a course taken Pass/Fail in which a HP or LP is earned will count towards your major or minor.  An exception would be courses in majors or minors that require a C or better; these would need a grade of HP in order to fulfill the requirement
  14. What effect would opting for a Pass/Fail grade have on my getting into professional and graduate school?
    • Most professional programs and graduate schools would rather see a letter grade rather than a Pass/Fail grade.  However, this is a decision that you should discuss with your faculty advisor and/or professional advisor.
  15. Do Pass/Fail grades have an impact on my GPA?
    • Pass/Fail grades, because they do not have grade points, do not affect the GPA of a student. 
  16. Will courses taken Pass/Fail affect my ability to graduate this semester?
    • In order to meet the requirements for the baccalaureate degree you must have a GPA of 2.0 or better.  In order to meet the requirements for a degree from the graduate programs, you must have a GPA of 3.0 or better.  So, if you need a letter grade to improve your GPA in order to graduate, you may need to take one or more courses for letter grades.  Please talk with your advisor.
    • Individual majors and minors may have minimum GPA requirements that are different than the institutional GPA requirements listed above to graduate.  You should check with your faculty advisor and/or professional advisor if you are in one of these programs.     
  17. What should I do if I am already on academic probation?
    • If you are already on academic probation, then electing the Pass/Fail option in one or more of your courses might have the effect of not improving your GPA sufficiently.  If you are doing well in your course(s) then letter grades give you the opportunity to improve your GPA to potentially return to good academic standing.   Conversely, if you are not doing well in your course(s), then changing to P/F for all of your courses would keep your GPA the same as the last previous semester.  For the Spring 2020 semester only, Edgewood College will consider extending your probation for one additional semester, if necessary, prior to dismissal. 
  18. Will I be able to repeat a course in which I earn a letter grade or P/F grade of “F*”?
    • Yes, you can repeat a course regardless of its grading method.  You will not receive credit twice, however, and the most recent grade will always be the one calculated into the GPA.
  19. If I take an incomplete for any course this semester, and thus miss the deadline to request the Pass/Fail option, is it possible to choose the Pass/Fail grading option for that course later, when I finish it?
    • No.  A letter grade (other than ‘I’) must be earned in the course prior to the deadline to request that the course be graded Pass/Fail.  
  20. Can I opt for Pass/Fail grading for just part of a class, but a regular letter grading for the other part?  For example, if I took the first part of a two semester course in Fall 2020, and took the second part of the course in Spring 2020, do I have to choose a letter grade for the spring course?
    • No.  You will keep the letter grade you earned in the fall semester but you may choose to take the spring semester course for Pass/Fail. 

 I wish you all the best as we move forward this semester and thank you for your continued patience and flexibility as we navigate all of the changes that have been required of all of us during this challenging time.

Margaret Noreuil PhD RN
Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs/Academic Dean 

April 17 - 12pm COVID-19 relief funds

Dear Students –

You are receiving this email because whether you are an undergraduate, a graduate student, or you are finishing up your degree at either level, I have important news for you.

You are eligible to apply for COVID-19 relief funds.

Thanks to the generosity and leadership of our Board of Trustees, you may be eligible for a grant from the Presidential Relief Fund. You may have also seen recently the federal government has made funds available for college students – both undergrad and grad.

We have created a simple, universal application for you to complete and submit. It will take you five minutes or less. You may be eligible to receive up to $1,500 to help with expenses and other financial challenges related to this pandemic.

We urge you to take a moment and apply here immediately. That will start the process.

Applications will be reviewed as they are received, and will continue to be reviewed until funds are exhausted. 

As always, please reach out to deanofstudents@edgewood.edu or 608-663-2212 if you have further questions. 

April 14 - 5pm Summer Sessions

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

Thank you again for the outstanding work you have done to transition to remote learning and teaching this springsemester. We know it has been challenging, but every day we are impressed with your ability to be flexible, creative, and accepting of unprecedented change.

At our most recent President’s Advisory Council meeting, we made the decision to remain fully online through the summer session as we continue to respond to the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic. This was a difficult decision, but we remain concerned about the health and well-being of our campus community in the weeks ahead.  Although it is currently snowing outside our windows, we know that some summer courses start in less than 4 weeks from today, so we needed to move forward with this decision sooner rather than later.

At this time, although we have made the decision to continue online instruction for summer session, we have not made decisions regarding other summer programming and events.  We will ensure you are updated as things change, which they will. What will not change is our commitment to our students and  to our shared sense of community.

Mary Ellen Gevelinger OP EdD
Interim President

Margaret Noreuil PhD RN
Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs/Academic Dean 

April 14 - 12pm Reminder of Add/Drop Deadline

Hello again students, faculty, and staff –

** Please do not reply to this email.  If you have questions, please email the Registrar’s Office at registrar@edgewood.edu or call us at 608-663-3256 (we’re working remotely but still here to assist you!). **

This is a reminder regarding the below deadline extension, specifically the deadline for dropping a full semester course and getting a “W” on your transcript for the course rather than an “F” is tonight at 11:59PM.  Instructions for doing so are below, highlighted in yellow.  The email must be received by 11:59PM tonight, and must come from your “@edgewood.edu” email account.

Thank you,
The Registrar’s Office Group

April 8 - 4pm $500,000 Student Relief Fund

Madison, Wis. (April 8, 2020) – Sr. Mary Ellen Gevelinger, Interim President of Edgewood College, today announced the Presidential Relief Fund.

“Today, at my request, the Board of Trustees approved a $500,000 student relief fund,” Gevelinger said, “This provides immediate cash relief for students. So many service industries that our students rely on for employment are affected. We are fortunate to be able to offer a program that will provide some support for our students to help with basic needs like groceries, rent and unexpected expenses during this national and global health crisis.”

Under the Presidential Relief Fund undergraduate students may apply for a grant of up to $1,500 paid in installments in May, June, and July 2020. The goal of the fund is to assist as many students as possible to continue their course of study at Edgewood College in the fall. 

“We’ve heard the concerns of the students and in the spirit of Dominican partnership we want to demonstrate that we are in this together,” Lucy Keane ’84, Chair of the Board of Trustees, said. “Edgewood College is defined by the success of our students. This program helps create a bridge to the fall semester for hundreds of students who are simply hoping to return to Edgewood College this fall.”

College administrators are finalizing the details of the program with the expectation that applications for the Presidential Relief Fund will begin on or around April 15. The College also offers a student emergency fund if students are facing an urgent financial need outside the terms of the grant.

April 6 - 9am Student Accounts

Dear Students,

Please let me update you on information we shared last week, regarding adjustments to your student account. Thank you for your patience as the details about credit adjustments for housing, meal plans and parking were being finalized.

Individual credit adjustments to student accounts will be completed before the end of next week.  Adjustments will be applied to any outstanding balances owed to Edgewood College. If a credit balance remains on a student account after all outstanding balances have been satisfied, eligible students will receive a direct deposit on April 10th or a check which will be mailed on April 10th.  

To review your account adjustments at the end of next week, please visit Edgewood Express>My Account Information>My Account Balances>View Account Balances and History. 

Some of you may have questions, which we understand. If you have a question about adjustments to your account, please contact Edgewood Central at ECentral@edgewood.edu, or at 608-663-4300.  

Please continue to take care of yourselves and each other. This semester is a new experience for all of us. You are receiving an excellent education, delivered by dedicated faculty who put your experience at Edgewood College at the center of their work. They are here for you, as is your entire community.  

We know that some of you are facing uncertainties. We want to be as responsive as possible.  We have worked to collect information on helpful resources that may be available to you, via our campus and external organizations.  As always, please reach out to deanofstudents@edgewood.edu or 608-663-2212 if we can help in any way, if you need help navigating these resources, or if you have other questions or concerns.    


Heather Harbach Ed.D. ‘17
Vice President for Student Development/Dean of Students 

April 1 - 1pm Pass/Fail for Spring Semester

Dear Students,

Immediately following spring break, the campus community implemented a significant challenge: the launch of online instruction for all of our face-to-face undergraduate and graduate classes in an effort to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Over the past couple of weeks, we have been inspired by the enthusiasm and dedication that so many faculty have brought to this endeavor, and we are grateful for the continued commitment to fulfilling Edgewood College’s mission of teaching and learning during these difficult times.

Faculty, staff and administration continue to show great compassion for students, and that has never been more evident than the past week as we contemplate the challenges all of you are facing in this new reality. We all understand the uncertainty and anxiety that moving to an online teaching format may cause students, and we want to offer as much flexibility as possible to support the academic goals of our campus community.

With that in mind, we write today to give you information regarding a decision we have made regarding grading for spring 2020 semester. At this time, we will include the option of choosing to earn a pass/fail grade in place of a letter grade for all undergraduate and graduate students for spring 2020 semester. Students who wish to keep the letter grade they’ve earned may do so, rather than the pass/fail grade. This decision applies only to grades earned in spring 2020 semester.

We know many of you will have questions about this decision as well as the process of requesting to change your course grade from a letter grade to pass/fail and we are working on the details of that process. You will have the option to choose which courses you want changed to pass/fail – after you know what that letter grade will be.

Additional information will be coming from the Academic Dean’s Office in the next two weeks regarding this process and timelines.

We are making these modifications understanding the extraordinary circumstances COVID-19 has created for us all, and in the spirit of academic equity. We are aware that there are students – both in our undergraduate and in our graduate programs - who may face unique obstacles in their online learning experience.

We are grateful for the determination of you, our students, and our faculty to be flexible and finish the next six weeks strong.

Margaret Noreuil PhD RN
Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs/Academic Dean 

March 30 - 6pm Class Drop Deadline Extended

Dear Students,

The deadline change described below is for full semester Spring 2020 courses only. It does not pertain to Spring 2020 Session 2 courses. 

The original “Last Day to Withdraw” deadline for full semester Spring 2020 courses was this Friday, April 3rd. That deadline has been extended Tuesday, April 14th. 

If you drop/withdraw from a full semester Spring 2020 course BEFORE that deadline date, you’ll get a grade of “W” in the course on your transcript. A grade of “W” has no academic penalty on your GPA or otherwise. 

If you drop/withdraw from a full semester Spring 2020 course AFTER that date, you will get a grade of “F” in the course. 

To withdraw from a course, you must submit a COURSE DRP/ADD/CHANGE form electronically to the Registrar’s Office. This form can be found here. Please complete it and email as an attachment to registrar@edgewood.edu. The email must be received by Tuesday, April 14th at 11:59PM. Because we are working remotely and abiding by social distancing directives, this drop process must be handled electronically and in writing – a phone call to the Registrar’s Office is not enough, as we need written notification of the intent to drop/withdraw. 

If you have questions about this, please feel free to contact our office at registrar@edgewood.edu or call during regular business hours at 608-663-3256. We may be working remotely, but we’re still here to assist you! 

March 30 - 5pm

The start of the second week of fully-online learning has begun, and while there are still challenges with moving into this new environment, the rhythm of the semester has begun to reassert itself. 

Campus events continue to move online, and the College Calendar is updated daily with additional opportunities for student to engage as their schedule allows. The Oscar Rennebohm Library staff remain online to provide support for students and faculty. The Technology Assistance Center remains active assisting students, faculty, and staff with connectivity and all things digital.  

While we (like many of us) are today in an online learning environment, we are first and foremost a community. Faculty and staff have produced a video that reminds students, and reminds all who are touched by this community, that “we are here for you.”  



March 27 - 5pm Eagle Families Email Sent

The first week of fully online classes was – as expected – not without challenges; the Technology Assistance Center continues to provide support for students, faculty, and staff as our community moves into new forms of excellence in teaching and learning. 

Some faculty report feeling ‘surprised’ at how well the week transpired; one professor pointed out as each student has their own WebEx account, group projects and group discussions are easily facilitated. Special praise is reserved for the staff of the Oscar Rennebohm Library, the professor added, for doing great work, especially assisting students in using the technology each has available to maximize online learning. 

Dr. Heather Harbach, Vice President for Student Development/Dean of Students, sent a communication this afternoon to parents of our undergraduate students. It appears below: 

“Dear Eagle Families,  

I hope this message finds you all well as we adjust to new ways of living, learning, and working. For the past weeks, I and the dedicated staff and faculty of Edgewood College have been diligently preparing for the transition to virtual learning as well as building out systems to keep your students safe and thriving. We take our commitment to your student’s Edgewood College experience seriously; it is our top priority as we make these adjustments.    

Our past communications have been completely centered around your students. As things changed quickly, regularly by the day, we wanted our students to have the most complete information. We recognize that some of our students may not have the support system in place as others may, so we worked to communicate directly with them. Today, I’m able to take a moment and communicate with you, our Eagle Families community. I’m so glad to include you all along this journey, and be a resource for you all if you need me!  

Some of you have reached out to ask for information and updates regarding changes. We are happy to answer those questions, and recognize that these transitions impact you just as significantly as they impact your students. You can reach us at deanofstudents@edgewood.edu or at 608-663-2212. Our staff are working from home and still have access to information, phone, video chat services, and email, all so we can serve you and your students.    

Another excellent resource for updates is our COVID-19 update page. We recognize that your students, while juggling new ways of learning and living, may not always share every email they receive. We post every campus communication to this website, as well as helpful resources available to our community. This website is updated daily, and has a complete history of any previous communications.    

I want to stress that resources and support are still available for you and your student. Our values run strong, especially right now those of compassion and community.  During times in our world of drastic change, uncertainty, fear, our Edgewood College community pulls together to support our purpose: to provide your student with an excellent education and college experience. We are not wavering in this commitment, and we also look forward to the times when we are back to seeing each other face-to-face.    

I wish you strength, comfort, and health during this time.  We are here for your students now, and many years into the future.  

Heather Harbach 

Dr. Heather Harbach, Ed.D ‘17  
Vice President for Student Development 

March 26 - 5pm

The Technology Assistance Center reports the issues of Wednesday with VPN and some other systems are resolved. As always, if you have any questions or challenges related to connecting to campus resources online, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Technology Assistance Center. The self-service portal is at services.edgewood.edu, or contact technology-ssistance@edgewood.edu, or 608.663.6900. 

College Calendar – We are keeping the College Calendar up to date, so please review it often. There are opportunity for Students as well as Faculty and Staff as we all get accustomed to new ways of #community. If you don’t see your event there, reach out to Marketing & Strategic Communications.  

Services for Students with Disabilities 
We recognize that online courses may present unique challenges to some students, so we are collaborating with our faculty, IT staff, and online instructional design team to minimize setbacks.  

Academic support programs such as tutoring meetings will continue as scheduled but will be conducted over the phone or via WebEx, Zoom/Skype. Remember that Student Accessibility and Disability Services is here to offer advice, advocacy, and assistance. Please contact us at AccessDisabilityServ@edgewood.edu if you have questions or concerns. 
Students using veterans benefits, and National Guard 
Please consult with the Veterans Benefits team and/or Matthew Schroeder, Director of Military and Veteran Services, before making any changes to your course schedule, or if you have any questions that you are unable to answer. 

The subject of veterans benefits remains fluid; we receive new guidance daily, only to have that guidance change. We will do our best to keep students up to date on changes that the Veterans Administration has made or will be making, but only after we can confirm the changes will take place. 

We are aware of a small handful of students that have received notices from the Wisconsin National Guard that they will be or have been activated for duty in response to COVID – 19. We will confirm orders once they are sent to us and make sure that all professors are notified of their authenticity per the Edgewood College Active Duty Policy

Career Development 
The staff within Career Development is doing everything within our power to continue to bring students the resources and opportunities needed to support our students’ career development. There are updates at careers.edgewood.edu, including tips for interning remotely, and many other useful resources. Drop-In Hours are underway each week – online. Those times and dates are on the College Calendar. Let us hear from you! Submit general questions on career-related topics to success@edgewood.edu. Staff will respond as soon as possible.  

Remember - please reach out to deanofstudents@edgewood.edu or 608-663-2212 if you have questions, of if we can help in any way.  

March 25 - 5pm


As of this posting the Technology Assistance Center continues to work on providing seamless connectivity on all systems. We experienced issues today primarily with access to VPN, and this may be related to maintenance performed this morning. We will share updates across multiple channels when appropriate.

Students, Faculty, and Staff - if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Technology Assistance Center. The self-service portal is at services.edgewood.edu, or contact technology-assistance@edgewood.edu, or 608.663.6900.

Students – We have ‘packaged’ some key service and department updates on this page – please review this and make use of the offerings. You will also note the Resources section of this page. As always, please reach out to deanofstudents@edgewood.edu or 608-663-2212 if you have questions, of if we can help in any way.


March 24 - 5pm Business Office Reviewing Student Accounts

Dear Students,

Please let me share an update on where we stand today, relative to the financial impact on you, our students, and the remainder of the spring semester. 

Some of you have asked about refunds on your accounts for the spring semester. Please be assured that my colleagues in the Business Office continue to work diligently, review options and financial models, and keep in close touch with state and federal offices for further guidance as the impact of COVID-19 continues to unfold. Edgewood College will address room and board, parking permit fees, and other operational areas that may affect your account.   

In addition, many students are directly affected by disruption of work-study jobs on campus; these dynamics affect finances for many of you. We are calculating the impact of all of this on a student-by-student basis, as we should, and that work will take time.  

Make no mistake – it is an honor to serve our students, whatever the circumstances. My colleagues in the Business Office, and across the entire campus community, share that sentiment. We embrace the challenges of these days, because you are worth it. In the meantime, please remember that you are receiving an excellent education, delivered by dedicated faculty who are proving to be every bit as resilient as each of you.  

You can expect to hear from the Business Office in the coming weeks, likely in a more personal email sent to individual students. As always, please reach out to deanofstudents@edgewood.edu  or 608-663-2212 if you have further questions.   

Heather Harbach Ed.D. ‘17 
Vice President for Student Development/Dean of Students 

March 23 - 5pm Traditional May Commencement Will Not Take Place

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff –  

While I’m confident that this first day of fully-online classes brought with it some unforeseen challenges, I hope it also was a day of re-connecting with friends and colleagues, and a day to look ahead. 

We know this is new territory for us as members of this community, and of the world community. And being in a community can mean making difficult decisions.  
Earlier today at the President’s Council meeting, we made the decision that the traditional Commencement ceremony, scheduled to be held Sunday, May 17, 2020, will not be held. Commencement Liturgy, scheduled for the same weekend, also will not be held. 

I’m sure this raises questions and concerns; please allow me to address some immediate issues. 

First, we are exploring alternative ways to celebrate the enormous accomplishment of earning a college degree – at every level. We are in the information-gathering stage as of this afternoon. Please watch for updates on that topic soon. 

Some of you have already ordered commencement attire (cap & gown). If you have ordered commencement attire, you will be contacted shortly with instructions for options available to you. 

This Spring has brought many disappointments to you. Some of you have not had the pleasure and challenge of competing with your athletic teams.    Completing clinicals and internships now has a different face.   Being with your classmates, especially for seniors or other graduates, now becomes a virtual reality.  And yet, while the learning modality has changed, the high level of quality instruction remains.  Our faculty members remain dedicated to deliver on our promise to our students.   

We close with this quote, appropriate for our time, because this is what we do best at Edgewood College: 

“Building communities that practice understanding, loving-kindness, and compassion may be the most important thing we can do for the survival of our world.”  Thich Nhat Hanh 

Circumstances are changing rapidly, and it can feel difficult to keep up. Students – you received an email from Heather Harbach, Vice President for Student Development, this morning. Please review it and reach out; while we are separated in body, we remain a community that cares for each and every member. 

Please continue to check your email for updated information. Those updates are archived at www.edgewood.edu/covid-19 for reference.  

Thank you for all you do to make this a true community of learners. 

Mary Ellen Gevelinger, O.P., Ed.D., Interim President 
Margaret Noreuil, Ph.D., RN, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs/Academic Dean 

March 23 - 12pm

Dear Students,

I hope your first day of classes is going as smooth as possible. As with all transition, we will find a few snags, but the great thing about our community is that we will tackle them together!  I’ve heard from many of you sharing ideas, asking questions, and offering up your thanks as we work to get your semester moving forward.  I know many of you have questions still, and we are working hard to get information out in a timely fashion.  Your questions and comments mean a lot, feel free to keep them coming.  You can email deanofstudent@edgewood.edu or call 608-663-2212.  This includes reaching out if you need assistance for anything you are experiencing right now.  

Some of you have asked questions about services on campus and how to still access the things you need to be successful.  Good news:  I and my faculty and staff colleagues are here to help support you no matter where our office is located!  Below you can find some details about a variety of resources and offices that are available.  As we move forward and continue to think creatively, more will be included.  Stay tuned to email and the COVID-19 update page for the latest developments. 

For now, I leave you with a reminder that we are all here for you.  You matter to us, immensely.  We want to hear from you if you need assistance, and are ready to support your goals, as we always have!

Dr. Heather Harbach, Ed.D ‘17
Vice President for Student Development

March 19 - 4pm Resources for Students Remain Available

Dear Students,

Like you, we’re closely monitoring the rapidly changing situation with COVID-19. You are understandably concerned about what our circumstances mean for the remaining weeks of the spring semester, as we move to online delivery of your classes for the rest of the term.

These days cause uncertainty, and my heart goes out to you. This is not what you planned, those of you pursing new leadership opportunities with your peers, finishing up your first year of classes, or experiencing a new internship or clinical.   Some of you were enjoying your final semester, your final graduate class, your dissertation defense.  I want to acknowledge that change has happened rapidly and many of us are still processing.

But it’s important for you to also remember that important campus services remain available to you. We are committed to maintaining staffing at levels that ensure the health, safety, and security of all on our campus and within our virtual community.  While major decisions have been made, the staff delivering services have been creatively thinking about ways to continue our work for you.  Their dedication to your success has not waivered.

The Center for Student Success,  OSII, Disability and Accessibility Services, Personal Counseling Services in our Wellness Center, the Math Lab, the Writing Center, tutoring, the library, the Technology Assistance Center, the Mail Center, Edgewood Central, the Business Office, Academic Success, Career Development, Dean of Students Office, Military and Veterans Services, Residence Life, Campus Security and more all remain in operation. In some cases, those services are offered in a new way, as we follow the direction of local and national guidelines.  

We do not have all the answers to all of your questions, largely because circumstances are changing rapidly. For our residential students, Residence Life will be reaching out to you soon to let you know next steps for on-campus housing.  Those of you completing degrees, we know you have questions about Commencement, and we will continue to work on keeping you informed. We remain committed to you, and we will share decisions and new information as soon as we can responsibly do so, via email and our COVID-19 website. 

I know the last several days have been filled with anxiety and feelings of uncertainty. I feel those as I adjust to a new way of working and living right now too.  During times of uncertainty, what I find helpful is to focus on the things that I can control, can support, can engage in, and then lean on those in my community that support me.  We are your community of support and will be here for you all.    

The Dean of Students Office is here as an important resource during this often unsettling time. You may reach out to us with questions or concerns at deanofstudents@edgewood.edu or at 608-663-2212. 

Dr. Heather Harbach, Ed.D. ‘17 
Vice President of Student Development

March 19 - 2pm Students to Complete Semester Fully Online

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

Thank you again for the role each of you plays in making our community one that models compassion and partnership. We are in new and challenging times, and it’s important that we hold each other in our hearts. 

At the President’s Council meeting yesterday, we made the decision to complete the remainder of the spring semester fully online.   This is a disappointing decision for all of us, and one we had to make to provide safety and good health for everyone in our Edgewood College Community.   Students, I know that you are sad, confused, disappointed and frustrated. This is not how you imagined your Edgewood College experience of Spring 2020 to unfold.  Faculty and Staff, you are continuing to provide excellent education and service to our students, and yet you are experiencing the same feelings that they are.  Being in a face to face venue provides us all with exceptional opportunities to build relationships and get to know each other in significant ways.  Being physically at a distance deprives us of these opportunities.  I am working from home, and am very disappointed and saddened  that I am deprived of daily casual and serious contact with so many of you. 

Many of us are working remotely, in our ongoing commitment to you, our students. Working remotely takes different forms for different units of the College. While there is limited access to buildings on campus, our semester will continue. Classes resume, fully online, on Monday, March 23, 2020.  

Students – you will hear from Heather Harbach, Vice President for Student Development, very soon. Please continue to check your email for updated information.  

True community – our community – recognizes that we humans are part of one family. We share responsibility for one another. We will ensure you are updated as things change, which they will. What will not change is our commitment to our students, to our shared community, and to each other. 

Be well,

Mary Ellen Gevelinger, OP, Ed.D. 

March 16 - 3pm Most Faculty and Staff to Work Remotely

Dear Faculty & Staff,

Thank you again for the role each of you plays in making our community one that models compassion and partnership. We are in new and challenging times, and it’s important that, in addition to putting our students first, we hold each other in our hearts as well.

Most faculty and staff will work remotely beginning Tuesday, March 17, until further notice. Staff should check in with their supervisor to determine roles and responsibilities, as working remotely takes different forms for different units of the College. 

The President’s Council and I made this decision this morning. We arrived at this decision in pursuit of social distancing, but there’s more to it; our Catholic social teaching tells us that Compassion – our shared value – means the most vulnerable among us of us merit first consideration in our circle of concern. And true community – our community – recognizes that we humans are part of one family, and shares responsibility for one another.

Circumstances around COVID-19 are changing rapidly. Please check your email frequently during business hours through the days ahead. Please stay in close touch with your supervisor. 

In the meantime, we will ensure you are updated as things change, which they will. What will not change is our commitment to our students, to our shared community, and to each other.

Be well,

Mary Ellen Gevelinger, OP, Ed.D.