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Dominican Mission

Edgewood College is a Catholic college in the Dominican Tradition. Hallmarks of that tradition include:

  • A commitment to teaching in the Dominican intellectual tradition, that places strong emphasis on listening, prayer, informed reflection, and engaged dialogue.  
  • Actions that reflect appreciation, respect and encouragement in the lifelong search for truth.
  • Engagement in an educational model that reflects a community of learners
  • Attracting and retaining faculty and staff who encourage the discovery of the joy of learning and making connections.
  • Engagement in the College Mission and a commitment to values of truth, compassion, justice, partnership and community. These values recognize interdependence with one another and with the world, while challenging all to build a community where reflection leads to action.

St. Joseph Chapel in Regina Hall welcomes all who are seeking a quiet, sacred space for reflection and prayer. Worship opportunities are offered several times a week during the academic year.

The College is sponsored by the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa, a community formed on August 4, 1847, by Fr. Samuel Mazzuchelli, O.P., in Sinsinawa, Wisconsin. “O.P.” stands for Order of Preachers, and is carried by members of the Dominican community. 

Corporate stances are public statements and/or actions agreed upon by at least two-thirds of a simple majority of vowed members of the Sinsinawa Dominican Congregation. They are taken in regard to an issue of human concerns, Gospel values, and/or societal systems. The stances are a result of prayer, study, reflection, and discussion by the members of the Congregation.


Sunday 11:00 am   

Calm and Contemplation

Tuesdays, 8:00 pm
Student led exploration and reflection

Midday Prayer

Wednesday, 12:00 pm

Saint John's Bible

Edgewood College is is grateful for the many generous benefactors supporting the College’s acquisition of the seven volumes of the Saint John’s Bible Heritage Edition.

The Volumes are available to the College community for public display, classroom presentations, lectures, retreats, prayer and liturgical celebrations.

The mission of the Saint John’s Bible is to ignite the spiritual imagination of people around the world of all faith journeys.

Dominican Colleges and Universities

“What does it mean to be a Dominican college or university? How can we articulate what we share in common? Is there a way for us to learn about best practices at other institutions?“ Over the past few years, these questions seemed to surface at every gathering of Dominican higher education leaders. In response, the Dominican Higher Education Council (presidents of Dominican colleges and universities) convened a task force with the charge of developing a document that articulates clearly our shared commitments, illustrates common practices, and highlights examples of emerging practices on our campuses.