Office of Academic Affairs

We believe that students choose Edgewood College because they are seeking truth, and that truth-seeking is often guided by what we call—after our school motto, cor ad cor loquitur, Latin for “heart speaks to heart”—our COR questions: Who am I and what can I become? What are the needs and opportunities of the world? And what is my responsibility in creating a just and compassionate world? We believe these are questions all of our students ask in one way or another, regardless of their age. And we believe that an Edgewood College education provides the best opportunities to explore these questions within a community that challenges and supports our students to learn and grow.

Our promise will be to engage with you as you seek answers to these vital questions; to help you connect learning, beliefs, and action; and to do so within a community of teaching and learning anchored in our Dominican values. Here you engage with excellent faculty and staff, you will have meaningful experiences both in and out of the classroom, you will develop lasting relationships, and you will grow as students, as professionals, and as human beings. 

Your education will prepare you to become a meaning-maker, truth seeker, change agent, ethical leader, a builder of a just and compassionate world. Our world—our communities, our workplaces, our governments—needs graduates educated in this spirit, people who can see things whole. Indeed, a liberal arts education will give you the grounding to know and develop yourself and become a force for good in the world

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