Fall 2020 Update – Perseverance, and the Spring Semester Calendar

October 29 - 4:24 PM

Fall 2020 Update: Steps Forward – Let’s Not Go Back

October 23 - 9:15 AM

Fall 2020 Update - Midterm Arrives and Here We Are

October 16 - 10:00 AM

Fall 2020 Update - A Fall Challenge, and a Reminder

October 09 - 10:20 AM

Fall 2020 Update - October is Here

October 01 - 4:00 PM

Bias and Harassment

Edgewood College is committed to providing an inclusive environment for all members of our community. Please remember that any bias or harassment toward community members of perceived Asian descent will not be tolerated. All campus members play an integral part in creating a community that is free from discrimination, harassment, and hate.

If you have been the target of (or have witnessed) an incident of discrimination or of bias, please complete the online form.