College Welcomes Kate Hennessy to Aquinas Forum

  • Tuesday, Jan 23, 2018
Madison, Wis. (January 23, 2018) – Edgewood College is honored to welcome Kate Hennessy for the 13th Annual Aquinas Forum.

Ms. Hennessey, who is the granddaughter of Dorothy Day, will speak at 10:00 am, Thursday, February 8, 2018, in Anderson Auditorium on campus. There is no admission charge, and Greater Madison is warmly invited.

Dorothy Day co-founded The Catholic Worker, a newspaper promoting Catholic teachings that became very successful and spawned the Catholic Worker Movement, which tackled issues of social justice. Day also helped establish special homes to help those in need.

Kate Hennessy will present with illuminating detail the biographical story of her grandmother, Dorothy Day, and her mother, Tamar Hennessy.  She will draw from memories, diaries, and family letters as she explores the themes of love, suffering, voluntary poverty, pacifism, and what it means to perform works of mercy. Like her grandmother, Kate Hennessey is a prolific writer, and most recently authored Dorothy Day: The World Will Be Saved by Beauty: An Intimate Portrait of My Grandmother.

Named for the Dominican philosopher and theologian Thomas Aquinas, O.P. (1225-1274), the annual Aquinas Forum provides the Edgewood College community an opportunity to consider contemporary issues from a variety of disciplinary and professional perspectives.