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A transcript is an official copy of a student's academic history at Edgewood. It includes all courses, grades, and degrees awarded. This includes a school seal and the Registrar's signature. If a paper transcript is requested, it comes in a sealed envelope. Once opened, it is no longer considered official.

  • Transcripts are $8 per copy.
  • Transcripts are processed daily.
  • A photo id is required for transcript pickup. Transcripts may be picked up by another individual if the student has designated them during the ordering process. This individual will also need a photo id at time of pick up.

Ordering Methods

  1. Online (preferred method)
  • 24/7 access to ordering
  • Alerts if there are holds preventing transcripts from being processed
  • Order status and updates can be sent via email, text or checked online
  • Payment with MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover
  1. In person at Edgewood Central, DeRicci 210 - Payment by cash or check only

Transcripts will be not processed if the student has a hold on their account. If they receive notification that they have a hold or need assistance in resolving a hold issue, please contact Edgewood Central at 608-663-4300 or ecentral@edgewood.edu.

Delivery Methods

1. Secure electronic PDF delivery (preferred method)

  • Fastest Method
  • Processed every 30 minutes
  • Requires online ordering

2. Standard U.S. Postal Service

3. In person pickup at Edgewood Central, DeRicci 210, with a photo id

4. FedEx – extra fees will apply

  • Requires online ordering

*Mail, pick up or Fed Ex options are available/sent after 11 am for orders received by 9 am

*Processing time may be longer during peak periods (after semester grades or degree posting)

Transcript Hold Options

If ordering transcripts while currently enrolled, transcripts may be held until grades are entered or degrees are posted.  Please refer to the order form for details.

Unofficial Transcripts/Grade Reports

An unofficial transcript is a copy of a student's academic history at Edgewood. It includes all courses, grades, and degrees awarded. It is not considered an official record and has a watermark indicating unofficial transcript.

A grade report includes courses and grades for a specific term.

Unofficial transcripts and grade reports are available on Edgewood Express>Courses and Registration.

For students without access to Edgewood Express, please print, sign and submit the Unofficial Transcript/Grade Report Request Form to Edgewood Central via mail, email or fax.

If you have any questions, please contact Edgewood Central at 608-663-4300 or via email at ecentral@edgewood.edu.