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Welcome Back students! Make sure you Mask Up, Back Up, and Wash Up. Lets keep our community safe. Just like Eddy!

Any question, big or small, can be answered by the Dean of Students Office.

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How can I Mask Up, Back Up, and Wash Up effectively on campus?  Wear your mask! Masks should cover your nose and mouth and should be worn indoors in public spaces and outdoors when you can not effectively be physically distant  from others. If you do not own a mask, you may purchase one in the Campus Store. Back Up: practice physical distancing by leaving 6 feet between you and others. Wash up: wash your hands often. 

What should I do if I was exposed to someone with COVID-19?  Report any potential exposure or symptoms to the Dean of Students Office and follow any instructions they provide to seek medical care or to quarantine. 

What should I do if I see another student who isn't wearing a mask? Remember, this is the year of community.  Please remind them nicely to wear their mask. We are all doing this for each other. Should you have questions, you may contact the Dean of Students Office

How will office hours be managed? All support services are still fully available to you; some are just offered in a different way. For example:  

  • All seating areas for Phil’s and Wingra have been spaced out for social distancing. Also, Stations that used to be self-serve are now either served by Dining Staff or are single packaged items.  
  • Health Services will see students for non-COVID concerns by appointment only. Personal counseling will be provided via telehealth. 
  • Current information on library services during COVID-19 is available on on the library website.


Pass/Fail FAQ

Jun 9, 2020, 18:09 PM
Title : Pass/Fail FAQ
Posting Date / Time : Apr 18, 2020, 12:00 PM

Dear Students, 

Since mid-March, we have taken unprecedented steps to ensure that you remain safe, healthy, and are able to stay on track for graduation.  Earlier this month we announced a change in our grading policy for spring 2020 semester due to the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic.  Today, we are providing additional information regarding the change in grading policy.

For the spring 2020 semester, you will be allowed a one-time opportunity to request converting your letter grades to a Pass/Fail notation. This option is available to all students, undergraduate and graduate, in all programs. This decision was made in the hope of easing your concerns during this uncertain time.

There are pros and cons to taking the Pass/Fail option, so please consider this decision carefully.  Whether or not it is the right decision for you depends on many factors.  We created this Frequently Asked Questions page to answer some of the questions we anticipate you may have; but we encourage every student weighing this decision to speak with their faculty member and/or academic advisor.

This has been a challenging semester and I know you have faced upheaval in every aspect of your lives.  Please know that we are here to support you and hope you continue to take care of yourselves and one another.

Spring 2020 Pass/Fail Option for Students

  1. How will this process work?
    • - You should continue to work hard in all of your classes, and do not make any decision to take a course Pass/Fail until you know the letter grade you earned in the class. 
    • -Professors will submit the letter grade you earned for the course at the end of the semester as normal.
    • -Once grades are submitted, students will have from 12:01AM on May 21 until 11:59PM on May 26 to request that their letter grade be converted to a Pass/Fail option.
    • -The Registrar’s Office will receive the request and convert your letter grade to a Pass/Fail grade according to the following scale:
      • A letter grade of A, AB, B, BC, C will be converted to a High Pass (HP) grade
      • A letter grade of CD or D will be converted to a Low Pass (LP) grade
      • A letter grade of F will be converted to a Fail (F*) grade
        (The ‘*’ denotes a failure in a P/F course as opposed to a letter grade course).
  2. Do I have to move my courses to a Pass/Fail grading method?
    • No.  You have the option to move as many or as few (or none) of your classes to P/F.  The default grading method will be the normal letter grade.
  3. Do I have to select the Pass/Fail grading option for each of my courses individually?
    • Yes.  If you do not want to keep the letter grade for any of your courses, you must select the Pass/Fail grading option for each course individually.
  4. Is my decision to choose a Pass/Fail grade for a particular course reversible?
    • No. Once you select the option of Pass/Fail grade for a particular course, that decision is not reversible.
  5. When can I choose to opt out of the letter grade and select a Pass/Fail grading option?
    • You have from 12:01AM on May 21 until 11:59PM on May 26, 2020 to submit your request to change letter grades to P/F.
  6. How do I select the Pass/Fail grading option?
    • The details of the process are still being developed.  More information will be coming.  
  7. I am a student athlete. Does that influence my decision regarding the Pass/Fail option?
    • Changing courses to Pass/Fail will have no impact on your athletic eligibility unless you were ineligible for the Spring 2020 semester.  If you were ineligible for the Spring 2020 semester, you will need to reestablish your credits and GPA to be eligible in the Fall of 2020.  Please contact the Assistant Director of Athletics for Compliance, Justin Meyer (jumeyer@edgewood.edu) if you have any questions on this topic.
  8. I am a veteran.  Does that influence my decision regarding the Pass/Fail option?
    • Yes, that should influence your decision.  Every student veteran should contact our School Certifying Official, Karene Cary, to determine whether changing courses to Pass/Fail would be a wise option for you.  The best way to contact Karene is by emailing the Registrar’s Office at registrar@edgewood.edu.
  9. Will opting for a Pass/Fail grade have a negative impact on my Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for financial aid?
    • In most cases, there would not be a negative impact. Students still earn credits for each course with a “Pass” grade.  However, Pass/Fail grades do not affect your cumulative GPA.   If your cumulative GPA is below the required 2.0 for undergraduate students or 3.0 for graduate students, you will violate the SAP requirements.  If you fall into this scenario, you may go through the appeal process to have your financial aid eligibility reviewed.  The unusual circumstances of the semester will be taken into consideration. Please contact Edgewood Central, ecentral@edgewood.edu, 608-663-4300 with any questions.
  10. What constitutes a Pass grade?
    • A letter grade of A, AB, B, BC, or C is equivalent to a High Pass (HP) grade.
    • A letter grade of CD, or D is equivalent to a Low Pass (LP) grade.
    • A letter grade of F is equivalent to a Fail (F*) grade.
      (The ‘*’ denotes a failure in a P/F course as opposed to a letter grade course).
  11.  Are there any courses for which I can’t select a Pass/Fail grading method?
    • Courses that are already considered Pass/Fail courses prior to the implementation of this policy will remain Pass/Fail courses (i.e. you will earn either a P for Pass or an F* for Fail rather than a HP, LP or F*)
  12. Will courses taken Pass/Fail count toward my graduation/major requirements?
    • Generally speaking, yes, in Spring 2020, any course taken Pass/Fail in which a HP or LP is earned will satisfy major/graduation requirements. The exceptions would be majors and minors requiring a specific GPA to graduate, so you should be sure to meet with your faculty advisor and/or professional advisor if you are in one of those majors and there is concern about being near that GPA threshold.
  13. Will courses taken Pass/Fail count towards my major or minor?
    • In most cases, yes, in Spring 2020, a course taken Pass/Fail in which a HP or LP is earned will count towards your major or minor.  An exception would be courses in majors or minors that require a C or better; these would need a grade of HP in order to fulfill the requirement
  14. What effect would opting for a Pass/Fail grade have on my getting into professional and graduate school?
    • Most professional programs and graduate schools would rather see a letter grade rather than a Pass/Fail grade.  However, this is a decision that you should discuss with your faculty advisor and/or professional advisor.
  15. Do Pass/Fail grades have an impact on my GPA?
    • Pass/Fail grades, because they do not have grade points, do not affect the GPA of a student. 
  16. Will courses taken Pass/Fail affect my ability to graduate this semester?
    • In order to meet the requirements for the baccalaureate degree you must have a GPA of 2.0 or better.  In order to meet the requirements for a degree from the graduate programs, you must have a GPA of 3.0 or better.  So, if you need a letter grade to improve your GPA in order to graduate, you may need to take one or more courses for letter grades.  Please talk with your advisor.
    • Individual majors and minors may have minimum GPA requirements that are different than the institutional GPA requirements listed above to graduate.  You should check with your faculty advisor and/or professional advisor if you are in one of these programs.     
  17. What should I do if I am already on academic probation?
    • If you are already on academic probation, then electing the Pass/Fail option in one or more of your courses might have the effect of not improving your GPA sufficiently.  If you are doing well in your course(s) then letter grades give you the opportunity to improve your GPA to potentially return to good academic standing.   Conversely, if you are not doing well in your course(s), then changing to P/F for all of your courses would keep your GPA the same as the last previous semester.  For the Spring 2020 semester only, Edgewood College will consider extending your probation for one additional semester, if necessary, prior to dismissal. 
  18. Will I be able to repeat a course in which I earn a letter grade or P/F grade of “F*”?
    • Yes, you can repeat a course regardless of its grading method.  You will not receive credit twice, however, and the most recent grade will always be the one calculated into the GPA.
  19. If I take an incomplete for any course this semester, and thus miss the deadline to request the Pass/Fail option, is it possible to choose the Pass/Fail grading option for that course later, when I finish it?
    • No.  A letter grade (other than ‘I’) must be earned in the course prior to the deadline to request that the course be graded Pass/Fail.  
  20. Can I opt for Pass/Fail grading for just part of a class, but a regular letter grading for the other part?  For example, if I took the first part of a two semester course in Fall 2020, and took the second part of the course in Spring 2020, do I have to choose a letter grade for the spring course?
    • No.  You will keep the letter grade you earned in the fall semester but you may choose to take the spring semester course for Pass/Fail. 

 I wish you all the best as we move forward this semester and thank you for your continued patience and flexibility as we navigate all of the changes that have been required of all of us during this challenging time.

Margaret Noreuil PhD RN
Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs/Academic Dean 

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