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Information for PD students

Academic Credit Sections

All academic credit course sections are offered at the graduate level.

Credits from these courses can be used for advancement on your employer’s salary schedule.  At some colleges, credits may also be used toward a graduate degree or licensing program.  (Check with your academic advisor at that college.) 

The credits also speak to your commitment to professional and continual learning. 
All credits earned will appear on your Edgewood College transcript.    

The link below takes you to the Quick Enroll website where you can view all courses offered, enroll into courses, and make tuition payments.

  • For many courses at Quick Enroll, you will register (get a seat in the course) elsewhere. *
  • For other courses, you can register right in Quick Enroll. 
  • Course numbers for which you can enroll for credit begin with “PD”, such as PDED-1001. 


* Please note that some courses are closed to persons employed outside of the sponsoring organization.

Tuition for the 2019-2020 year (through June 30, 2020) is $190 per credit.   

Upon successful completion of credit-bearing courses, grades are submitted and recorded.  They are then available to you in Quick Enroll and by ordering transcripts.  
Two types of transcripts can be ordered:

  • official transcripts ($8 fee); and,
  • unofficial transcripts (no charge). 
Click here to start the transcript-ordering process.


Non-credit sections (CEUs/continuing education)

In Quick Enroll, you can find course sections in leadership development, business, education, computer science and sustainability. 
The link above (red box) takes you to our Quick Enroll website where you can view the courses offered, register, and pay the registration fee.

  • The cost of registrations (to get a seat in the course) varies.
  • Course numbers that do not have credit attached begin with any letters except “PD”, such as COACH-1 and CIS-7013.
  • Some non-credit sections have CEUs attached at no additional charge.
  • Course numbers that are for CEU enrollment begin with “CEU”, such as CEU-101.

As Professional and Continuing Education evolves, we are looking to expand our course offerings.  We are open to course suggestions from current and prospective students.

General information for both credit and non-credit sections

Payment options:

  • electronic payment from checking or savings account (no service fee), or
  • credit or debit card. (2.75% service fee)

View a list of all completed courses (and grades) at the Quick Enroll site where you enrolled in these courses (since February, 2017).

If any of your questions are not answered here, please contact any of the PACE staff.  
Contact Us page.         Or email us.