College Identifies Key Partner for Future Students, Programs

  • Tuesday, Jan 31, 2023
Madison, Wis. (January 31, 2023) – Edgewood College has entered into a business partnership with upGrad, a global leader in online higher education. The partnership gives Edgewood College access to upGrad’s expertise in emerging technologies in online education, and will enable the College to expand the work begun by the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa in the Fall of 1927, the first year Edgewood Junior College began educating students.

“This announcement represents a shift in thinking about the students we serve, and the way in which they are served,” President Andrew Manion, said. “In 1927, providing opportunity for women was – in some circles – radical. It was a significant step. In the 1970’s Edgewood College became coed – another significant pivot. Through the decades other initiatives, such as our weekend degree program, our MBA programs for working adults, and others, we’ve responded to the changing needs of Greater Madison, of Wisconsin, and beyond. As we position for our centennial year, this agreement with upGrad – an international company that reflects shared values – positions us to serve our mission both here on campus, and around the globe.”

In a statement, Myleeta AgaWilliams, CEO of upGrad, said “I am delighted to embark on this transformational journey with Edgewood College. Leadership at the College has expressed an ambitious vision for its future and upGrad aims to help bring that vision to reality. Working closely with academic and administrative stakeholders, upGrad will bring forth its global expertise in scaling online and hybrid programs, while ensuring that student success and career outcomes remain the defining pillars of our partnership.” upGrad designs and executes innovative, customized solutions for higher education institutions through a selective partnership process, company officials added.

“As we considered companies to help us expand our degree programs, it was critical for Edgewood College to find a partner that shares our values about academic outcomes, affordability, and accessibility for students,” William Mangan, Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs, said. “upGrad stood out to us as the premier global company for development and deployment of high-quality academic programs.  The partnership between Edgewood College and upGrad will help transform the lives of students and build a more just and compassionate world, just as Edgewood College has been doing for more than 95 years.”

Master of Arts and Master of Science degree programs will be among the first to roll into this new partnership and delivery initiative. Lifelong learning – a hallmark of the mission of Edgewood College – aligns well with the vision of upGrad, to work toward ‘career success for every member of the global workforce.’

“Our colleges and universities are utilizing innovative strategies and partnerships to bring their educational experiences to the world,” Zach Brandon, President of the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce, said. “This Edgewood College initiative is the latest example of how Greater Madison continues to import talent and export solutions as we transform into a global innovation hub.” 

About upGrad
upGrad is a global leader in online higher education that leverages technology, pedagogy, and partnerships to deliver best-in-class learning and career outcomes for students.