Undergraduate Research: Memory, and the Student-Athlete

  • Monday, Apr 24, 2017
Senior Sidney Peach, a Psychology major, combined her passions for a unique research project both in and out of the classroom.

Rigorous student research is one of the hallmarks of Engaged Learning at Edgewood College. 

Her work today may open new doors in the future. Take a look:

Ferrinne Spector, Associate Professor, Psychology Department

Scholarship/Research Interests
"I am interested in multisensory perception - the integration of information across theFerrinne Spector senses. One way to measure this is by pairing attributes across sensory domains (e.g., color to pitch). Multisensory integration may help facilitate learning in an environment in which faces produce meaningful language sounds and large objects make loud noises. By examining which multisensory attributes are paired consistently, we can begin to understand the sensory code by which all sensory information may be translated."

Pedagogical Interests
 Active Learning
 Critical Thinking
 Discussion Strategies
 Humor in the Classroom
 Inquiry-Guided Learning
 Learner-Centered Teaching
 Mindfulness in the Classroom
 Online/Hybrid Courses
 Undergraduate Student Research

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