• Thursday, Oct 19, 2017

Eagles Shooting Down Cancer raises $7,795 for American Cancer Society

MADISON, Wis. - Under the banner of #UniteToFight, Edgewood College's newest fundraiser "Eagles Shooting Down Cancer" exceeded expectations in its first year of existence. The Edgewood community came together to raise $7,795 for the benefit of the American Cancer Society's Coaches vs. Cancer Wisconsin program from October 10-14, with more donations still arriving.
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  • Tuesday, Sep 26, 2017

Washington Monthly Ranks College Top 100 for Returning Adults

Madison, Wis. (September 26, 2017) – Edgewood College is honored to be recognized by Washington Monthly magazine by being place on that publication’s ‘Best Colleges for Adult Learners’ ranking. Edgewood College is ranked ninety-fifth out of more than 1100 four-year colleges.
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  • Monday, Sep 25, 2017

College Featured in The Princeton Review’s ‘Guide to Green Colleges 2017’

Madison, Wis. (Monday, September 25, 2017) – Edgewood College is one of the 375 most environmentally responsible colleges according to The Princeton Review. The education services company known for its test prep and tutoring services, books, and college rankings lists these schools in the 2017 edition of its free book, The Princeton Review Guide to 375 Green Colleges. 2017 marks the third consecutive year Edgewood College has been named to the list.​
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  • Tuesday, Aug 29, 2017

In The Gallery: Envisioned Worlds

Madison, Wis. (August 29, 2017) – Edgewood College is pleased to present Envisioned Worlds: Lithographs from the Hokes Archives by Beauvais Lyons. The exhibition opens Wednesday, September 6 at the Edgewood College Gallery.
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  • Wednesday, Aug 16, 2017

Class of 2021 Arrives Saturday, August 19

Madison, Wis. (August 16, 2017) – This year’s freshman class of nearly 290 students arrives Saturday, August 19. Importantly, this group has one of the highest academic profiles in the history of the College.
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  • Thursday, Aug 3, 2017

Edgewood College Named a ‘Best in the Midwest’ by The Princeton Review

Madison, Wis. (August 3, 2017) – Edgewood College is one of the best colleges in the Midwest according to The Princeton Review. The well-known education services company lists the college among its “Best in the Midwest” recommended schools in its “2018 Best Colleges: Region by Region” website feature that posted on August 1, 2017.
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  • Tuesday, Jul 25, 2017

Tony Garcia Honored with 2017 LUCES Award

Madison, Wis. (July 25, 2017) – Tony Garcia, Director of Diversity & Inclusion at Edgewood College, was named the LUCES Educator of the Year for 2017. Mr. Garcia was recognized at a ceremony in Madison Friday evening, July 21, 2017.​
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  • Wednesday, Jul 19, 2017

Graphic Design and the Impact of a World Community

Madison, Wis. (July 19, 2017) – David Wells, director of the Edgewood College Gallery, and Shad Wenzlaff, faculty member in the Art Department and Director of Student Research, have made possible a unique exhibition for the public to enjoy.
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  • Wednesday, Jul 12, 2017

A Degree of Compassion

This year’s Spring Commencement, held on Sunday, May 21, 2017 at the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center, saw more than three hundred undergraduate and graduate candidates earn their degrees. While it’s always a day of celebration for the graduates, their families and friends, this year’s ceremony was marked by a very special moment.
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