Scott Von Rueden ’07

Played four years on the baseball team at Edgewood College while earning his degree in Business with a minor in Spanish

“My parents weren’t too sure about me playing collegiate sports, because I was pretty disorganized as a high schooler,” he recalls. Things worked out pretty well, though, as Scott now has lifelong friends from the team, and has used the skills he gained as a student athlete to enhance his professional career. Scott currently serves as Senior Experience Owner – at American Family Insurance.

His parents remained connected with Coach Al Brisack and the team, with Coach Brisack sending his mom, Joyce, pep talks and inspirational videos while she was battling cancer. Sadly, Joyce passed away in 2021.

This prompted Scott to get his own affairs in order. “I don’t take part in a lot of risky activities, but something could happen at any time,” he shared. With the support of his financial advisor, Scott established the Von Rueden Family Baseball Fund through his living trust, giving future players the opportunity to enjoy the game and the student athlete experience as much as he did - for generations to come.