Theatre Arts


We in Edgewood College’s Theatre Arts Department are proud to be a vital part of the theatrical scene in Madison and its surrounding community. Our talented faculty share their passion for the art through acting, designing, writing, directing and presenting across the country. Our student-oriented program offers plenty of hands-on experience, where you can get involved immediately. You don’t need to wait around until you’re a junior or a senior to join our productions. We have a long tradition of casting new and deciding students, and while we don’t guarantee roles, we do guarantee you the chance to participate, whatever your course of study. All you need is a desire to share your love for the theatrical art. If your passion is for the technical side of productions, we offer state-of-the-art equipment. You’ll be learning on the same light and sound boards, with the same instruments and technologies, that you would be using out in the professional world.

The Theatre Department also has a strong relationship with American Theatre Players, housed near Spring Green, and has an active guest artist program that has brought in such artists as James DiVita, David Frank and Keegan-Michael Key. We also offer two short-term study abroad programs where you can study theatre in England and Italy.

Some of our students are currently working in New York, Hollywood and across the country. Others have chosen to continue their studies by attending graduate school, or found their callings in teaching and directing, both at the high school and university level.

Whatever your interest in the world of theatre, our goal is to bring out the very best you have to offer and give you a wonderful theatrical experiences while you are here.

Jeanne Leep
Chairperson and Professor
Theatre Arts Department