Religious Studies

Welcome to the Religious Studies Department at Edgewood College, where “faith seeks understanding” and we explore together the sacred texts, artifacts, spiritualities, worldviews, beliefs, values, teachings, rituals and practices of different traditions and, most importantly, the relevance these have in peoples’ lives and in the world today. 

Through academic inquiry, scholarly research, experiential learning and contemplative reflection, we aim to develop our critical and intellectual capacities, expand our understanding of ourselves and our world, deepen our own spiritualities and commitments, and cultivate genuine respect and appreciation for the truths and values expressed in the traditions and spiritualities of others.

Graduates of our major and minor programs have gone on to find fulfilling careers ranging from youth, music and justice ministries in faith communities to counseling or chaplaincies in hospitals or the military. Our graduates have also gone on to forge gratifying careers in health care, education, business and at non-profit organizations involved with political advocacy and promoting ecological sustainability, among other missions.

We welcome people with diverse backgrounds, religious affiliations (or none), ethnic and racial identifications and sexual orientations—indeed the entire community—to join us in the Dominican tradition of searching for truth and understanding.

John Leonard, Ph.D.
Chairperson and Professor
Department of Religious Studies