Are you the kind of person who’s always asking “why?” Do you drive your friends, parents, and some of your professors crazy? If so, then Philosophy is the program for you!

We build our careers on asking questions, and we have the expertise in the Philosophy Department to ask many different kinds of questions: what is justice? What is a valuable life? Why is cheating wrong? How do we know whether ghosts are real? Are women and men fundamentally different, or are they raised to be that way? How do racial categories operate in relation to the prison system? And on and on. Our professors teach and do research about gender, race, ethics, health care ethics, rhetoric, and critical thinking. We have a long tradition of engaged philosophy, which is focused on understanding the world we live in and the most pressing issues of the day. Our small classes allow one-on-one contact between you and the faculty, and the required Independent project enables in-depth pursuit of your interests.

Philosophy doesn’t prepare you for any singular career path. Instead, many organizations recognize the importance of clear thinking and writing and seek out philosophy majors and minors from a wide array of fields. Also, with a philosophy degree, you will be well prepared for graduate school; our graduates tend to perform very well on various post-graduate entrance exams such the LSAT, GRE and GMAT.

Sound like a great fit? Come by and ask us questions!

Lisa King Ph.D.
Chairperson and Associate Professor
Philosophy Department