Biological Sciences Program in Madison, WI

Welcome to the Biological Sciences Department!

We are a strong, diverse department offering specialized programs ranging from cytotechnology to environmental science. As an Edgewood College biology student, you will have many opportunities to pursue your scientific interests outside the classroom through independent research projects, field trips, internships, student teaching and practicum experiences and world travel.  

Our department is home to five majors and one minor.  We have 15 faculty members with wide-ranging interests and expertise. Our students have the opportunity to participate in two science organizations: Wood’s Edge, which focuses on environmental challenges and issues; and Achievement in Medicine (AIM), an organization for students planning to pursue graduate studies in health care and medical careers.  

We are fortunate to have two gorgeous facilities where we do our work. Sonderegger Science Center is home to most of our classrooms and research space. Thanks to a wonderful and enduring gift from the Sonderegger family, we are able to offer you in-depth learning experiences in bright, spacious laboratories and classrooms.  

Our second facility, Mazzuchelli Hall, is located on the shore of beautiful Lake Wingra. It provides space for student research and laboratory classes related to ecology and environmental science. Students and faculty conduct field studies in and around Lake Wingra, including at the UW-Madison Arboretum located just down the road from our campus.

We’d love you to come join us.

Tim Kuhman, PhD
Chairperson and Associate Professor
Environmental Studies