Become a Mentor

A collaboration between Alumni Relations and Career Development, the Alumni Mentorship Program cultivates meaningful relationships between recent alumni – those with 15 years or less of professional experience – and current students. Resources are provided to support mentors and mentees in their discussions.


The connections made in this program help prepare our students for a successful future and leave a lasting impact on our campus community. It provides an opportunity for students and alumni to engage in mutually rewarding relationships focused on student academic and professional goals.


Edgewood College Alumni Mentors are recent graduates of Edgewood College – those with 15 years or less of professional experience – who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and resources with current students. Volunteering as a mentor is a wonderful way to make an impact and stay connected with the Edgewood College community.


Alumni will have the opportunity to provide guidance and career and professional development to students. Their insights on managing change and overcoming difficulty can have a deep and profound impact. Mentorship can help a student create a game plan for the future, build their network, and provide support through their career discovery process.


Because this program is embedded in a course focused on internship preparation, it is purposefully designed to be flexible while giving support and scaffolding to build from. This ensures the program is student centered and student-directed; allowing mentors and students to build relationships and easily blend their schedules.

The first meeting would be a time to learn about each other’s paths, areas of interest, and advice on career or specific job-related responsibilities. As the mentorship progresses, secondary conversations would identify short and long-term goals focusing on:

  • Relevant information to be shared about the realities of working within a field, industry, or specific position.
  • Opportunities and career paths; advice on how to prepare for and gain experience.


  • The Alumni Mentorship Program runs twice per academic calendar year, once in both fall and spring terms. Participation in the program requires a time commitment of at least one term, but openly encourage participation and commitment to extend beyond that!
  • Mentors and mentees will meet for at least two sessions during the 8-week long course and may continue to connect afterward as agreed upon.
  • Alumni mentors must register by completing this 5–10-minute profile which includes their demographic information and career history/interests.
  • Once mutually established, the mentor-mentee pair agree on goals and communication preferences.

Below is a menu of distinct topics you may consider when meeting:

  • Informational Interview
  • Mock Interview
  • Resume review
  • LinkedIn profile and platform utilization review
  • Job Shadow
  • Discussions on career path, organization, and/or specific role
  • Building professional competencies