Payment Options

The Steps to Calculating Costs and Other Payment Options

Step 1: Apply for Financial Aid

Step 2: Receive Your Financial Aid Award Letter

Step 3: Do the Math!


Determine Your Costs

If you're not enrolled yet:

  • View the Financial Aid and Costs page for your student group to determine the tuition and average room/board (if applicable).

If you are already enrolled:

  • View your semester bill on Edgewood Express.  Your student account will reflect the tuition, fees, and charges for the semester.


Subtract Your Financial Aid

  • View your financial aid award letter. Subtract the semester or year amount from your costs.
  • Do not include student employment funds.  These funds are not applied toward the student bill.  They are earned in the form of a biweekly paycheck for hours work.
  • If your financial aid file is complete, the financial aid will already appear on your student account.  Any remaining amount not covered by financial aid will be displayed.

Other Payment Options

Grad or Parent PLUS Loans- Federal loan for graduate students or parents of dependent students (FAFSA required). 
  • Complete the Plus Loan Request at
Monthly payment plan- available to undergraduate students.
  • Enroll in the monthly payment plan on Edgewood Express. (see Current Students > Student Account/Financial Aid > Manage and Pay My Bill)
Pay in full by the payment deadline.

Alternative Education Loans/ Private Loans (optional non-federal loans for students)