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Asian Affairs



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Asian Affairs seeks to develop and sustain student and faculty exchange programs with higher learning institutions and other education agencies in Asian countries. As a team which includes administrators and faculty, we collaborate closely with various administrative and academic departments on campus to promote and coordinate a wide range of educational and cultural events and programs with our Asian partners, including short-term student and faculty exchanges, joint degree programs, professional training programs, language and cultural summer camp experiences, and student recruitment from Asian countries. Our goal is to create opportunities for students and faculty here to engage in teaching and learning activities in global education and to contribute to the College’s values, mission and vision through promoting international partnership building, global citizenship and cross-cultural understanding.

For more information about the Asian Affairs program contact Binbin Fu at

Global Education




The Center for Global Education was established in 2004 to direct and promote the various international initiatives of the college. The Center focuses on these six areas:

  • Curriculum
  • Study abroad
  • Faculty development
  • International studies
  • Co-curricular activities
  • Initiatives to specific world regions
For more information about the Global Education program contact Sara Friar at You can also visit the Center for Global Education


The Center for Multicultural Education

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The Center for Multicultural Education (CME) was founded in 2005 as the institutional center and academic home for multicultural teaching, research, and learning at Edgewood College.

Approved by its Advisory Board, the Center’s mission and goals are as follows: The Center for Multicultural Education advances multicultural inquiry, understanding, and engagement in order to affirm the mission and identity of Edgewood College.

We strive to achieve these primary goals:

  • Assist faculty in developing and utilizing multicultural pedagogy in the classroom
  • Support multicultural research and scholarship
  • Raise awareness of multicultural issues and perspectives in higher education
  • Offer scholarly expertise in relation to institutional practices and decisions regarding multicultural issues
  • Cultivate partnerships with diverse communities within and outside of the College
  • Provide leadership and consultation to develop and implement multicultural curriculum
  • Maintain and enhance the Ethnic Studies Program
CME also oversees the Ethnic Studies major and minor in the School of Integrative Studies.

For more information about the Center and the Ethnic Studies major and minor, please visit our web site: Center for Multicultural Education



The Dominican values and studium of study, reflection, and action directly inform students’ general education through the COR Program. There are three requirements for courses or experiences in COR. Classroom and the community intersect at each level, providing students opportunities to examine connections among learning, beliefs and action: exploring an issue of human concern with a faculty mentor and peer leader at the freshman level; immersion in some aspect of the community as a sophomore or junior; as seniors, integrating exploration of personal identity with development of academic skills and knowledge.

For more information about the COR program contact Sue Pastor at, or Jamie Maglior at

Environmental Studies


The Environmental Studies program allows students to pursue a broad, interdisciplinary view of environmental issues. In a world where resource use is expanding and the actions of individuals are increasingly likely to have a global impact, Environmental Studies is more relevant than ever before. The Environmental Studies minor offers students the opportunity to explore their interest in the environment through rigorous and interdisciplinary coursework in the natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Students also have an opportunity to make significant and lasting changes through collaboration with faculty in research and community service. The minor complements a wide range of majors to give students an edge in a job market that increasingly recognizes the value of environmental expertise.

For more information about the Environmental Studies program contact Jake Griffin at

Honors Program

The Honors Program at Edgewood College seeks to meet the academic needs of able, highly motivated students by providing opportunities for intellectual and social development in and out of the classroom.

For more information about the Honors Program contact Bonnie Sierlecki at


I joined the Honors Program because I wanted to push myself academically in order to maximize my potential for my future endeavors. I enjoy being a part of a community of students who support each other and have common goals of being engaged and excelling academically.
sam marti
Sam Marti


I originally joined the Honors Program because I have always strived for academic excellence. Aside from keeping me motivated to maintain my grade point average, this program has introduced me to some of the most thought-provoking and meaningful experiences I’ve had in my time here.

Wolly Wollinger

Student Research Program


Research or Creative Inquiry at Edgewood College is often accomplished as:

  • Independent-study course projects or capstone projects within the major, as part of our spring semester Edgewood Engaged student research and creative inquiry symposium
  • As funded research utilizing the Ebben Fund, Summer Research Program Transformation Funds, and other funding resources
  • Through grants offered to students who travel to regional and national symposia and conferences

For more information about our research program, please contact our Director for Student Research, Shad Ryan Wenzlaff at or at 608-663-2356

Also feel free to explore the Student Research Website

Women’s and Gender Studies Program


The Women’s and Gender Studies Program offers an interdisciplinary minor that connects scholars and learners to campus and community. Developed to study the history, experiences, and contributions of women, feminist theoretical perspectives, and the critical role of gender in human life, the Women’s and Gender studies program is both interdisciplinary and integrative, engaging students, faculty, and staff through coursework, community-based learning, and campus-wide programming. Each March, the program offers a range of programming and activities in celebration of Women’s History Month.

For more information about the Women's and Gender Studies program contact Lauren Lacey at

You can also visit the Edgewood College Women's and Gender Studies Facebook group

Writing Center

The Writing Center, located in the library (main floor, behind the Printing & Copy Center), is a free drop-in service open to all students. No appointment or referral necessary. Bring any paper from any class. Tutors are also available in all the residence halls. We work with writers from draft or notes to final presentation. Any course, any level (including grad and Evening Accelerated), any discipline. Improve your writing. Working with a tutor makes a difference.

For more information about the Writing Center contact Deb Kruse-Field at visit the Writing Center Online.