School of Integrative Studies Students giving presentation.

Welcome to The School of Integrative Studies

On behalf of The School of Integrative Studies (SoIS) faculty and staff, it is my honor to welcome you to our diverse array of programs designed to enrich your experience.  For the past decade, SoIS has collaborated across campus and in the community to enact our mission of developing creative, intellectually-engaged, and ethical problem-solvers through inquiry and action for social justice and the public good.

We believe that to be successful in today’s society, students need interdisciplinary knowledge, skills, and experience that prepare them to professionally and personally make a difference in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.  Considering issues from multiple perspectives, learning to thrive in cross-cultural contexts, and linking ideas to action are among the integrative experiences that students can expect from an SoIS program.

SoIS shepherds more than 14 programs and initiatives across campus, and crosses paths with virtually every undergraduate student through our interdisciplinary majors and minors, centers, enrichment opportunities, COR General Education curriculum, and civic engagement programs.  Our graduate program in Social Innovation and Sustainability Leadership cultivates the capacity to develop healthier, more resilient organizations and communities.

What is distinctive about SoIS is that all of our programs promote the study, reflect, act cycle known as the Dominican studium in fulfillment of the Edgewood College promise to help students connect learning, beliefs, and action.  So whether you are studying abroad; adding a minor like Environmental, Ethnic, Global, or Women’s and Gender Studies; or participating in the Honors Program, an emphasis will be on exploring important social and ethical issues of our time, and developing skills for participation in meaningful and informed community action.

We look forward to supporting the ways in which you will make a difference at Edgewood College!


Kristin Mickelson


Kristine M. Mickelson, PhD
Dean, The School of Integrative Studies