Undergraduate Women's and Gender Studies

Students in this minor program study the history, experiences, and contributions of women to feminist theoretical perspectives, and the critical role of gender in human life. The Women’s and Gender Studies minor is both interdisciplinary and integrative, engaging you through coursework, community-based learning, and campus-wide programming. Courses in the program are frequently co-taught so that you experience the material through the methodological and intellectual lenses of more than one faculty area of expertise. 

You will be encouraged to participate in internships, special projects, and individualized research. WGS students often take advantage of opportunities to attend and participate in regional, national, and even international scholarly conferences. 


Program Highlights

Edgewood College faculty have areas of expertise in a wide range of important and innovative areas of scholarship in the field, which are directly reflected in their teaching and work with students. Faculty work in feminist science fiction, trans memoirs, New Media Studies, queer theory, intersectionality, global women's cinema, posthumanist feminist theory, and much more, and all provide opportunities for students to engage in intriguing work. 

As a Women’s and Gender Studies student in Madison, you will have access to all the opportunities of a lively and engaged city that embraces social justice. You might take a trip to the local feminist bookstore, learn about fair trade at the local stores, or, even better, take advantage of the opportunity to volunteer with any number of local groups. 

Faculty will mentor you on a summer research project, take you to major conferences such as the National Women's Studies Association convention, and help you develop presentations of your own to give at conferences. 

Each March, the program offers a range of programming and activities in celebration of Women’s History Month, and each October the program works with partners on campus to celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month. In addition, the Women’s and Gender Studies minor promotes various year-round, co-curricular initiatives, sometimes in conjunction with other departments and programs. 

Career Outcomes

Women’s and Gender Studies minors are poised to have careers in a variety of fields, including counseling, education, business, healthcare, social work, and more. You will also have the tools to consider further scholarly pursuits in graduate school. 

Women's and Gender Studies minors become professionals in health, law, business, human services, education, and government who are more prepared to work in diverse environments and better understand issues of prejudice and oppression-based gender and sexuality. 

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