Undergraduate Religious Studies

As a student of Religious Studies, your coursework will focus on three areas of study: Scriptures & Sacred Texts; Religious Traditions & Theologies, and Religion in the Human Community.

You’ll experience a course of study that will engage diverse perspectives, by studying religious texts and traditions through multiple cultural, racial and gendered lenses. You’ll gain an appreciation for perspectives similar to and different from your own.

You will discover that students from many religious and spiritual traditions have majored in Religious Studies at Edgewood College. This academic discipline does not teach you what to think or believe, but how to understand the spiritual and religious beliefs of others and to deepen your own spirituality and quality of life.


Program Highlights

Through active in-class discussions, academic research, community-engagement and self-inquiry, you’ll sharpen your critical thinking, reading and writing skills, and grow into a more reflective and effective leader, wherever your professional life leads you. 

You will discover that because of the great religious diversity in Greater Madison and Dane County, and thanks to the College’s strong and lasting connections with many in the Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant Christian communities, and our brothers and sisters in the Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, and multiple other faith communities, you will learn from and collaborate with practitioners of many traditions. Priests, ministers, rabbis, imams, gurus, monks, nuns, and scholars from many traditions come to your classes and invite you to their faith communities and places of worship. 

Career Outcomes

As a graduate with a degree in Religious Studies you may pursue a career in Business, Communications, Public Policy, Education, Health and Welfare, and others, as well as a variety of religious communities and organizations. Several graduates have continued their studies in graduate programs and are now engaged in ministry as pastors, chaplains, religious educators, ministers, university professors, writers, and more. In addition to the wide variety of ministries in faith communities, you will discover that a degree in Religious Studies provides excellent preparation for careers in justice advocacy, political activism, law, journalism, social work, government, education, business, and public policy. 

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