Undergrad music class.

Pre-Music Therapy

The Music Department at Edgewood College offers a diverse course of study that will help you prepare for a career as a performer, educator, or music business professional. Our alumni are involved in all aspects of the music industry, from opera performance, to radio broadcasting, to teaching in public and private schools.  

The Pre-Music Therapy major prepares you to continue into a graduate/licensing program in Music Therapy in order to pursue a career in the health field using music with therapeutic or palliative purposes to address physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of individuals. This degree does not lead to licensing in Music Therapy but is preparation for further study in the field.


I am continually thankful that I chose Edgewood College because of its intimate community of learners and thinkers. I was a person who people knew and cared about, and I could return that compassion with trust. Because of this environment, I was able to grow and discover my fullest potential; I know I wouldn’t have had that opportunity as a nontraditional student at a large university.
Mark Lundin