Undergraduate Music Media and Production

This degree focuses on the creative aspect of music production, allowing you to incorporate music into a variety of media types. This program will provide you with opportunities to learn, hands-on, about recording techniques, music production, mixing, mastering, live sound, and the music business. 

Music Media and Production, BA

Program Highlights

  • The Music Department at Edgewood College offers a diverse course of study that will help you prepare for a career as a performer, educator, or music business professional. Our alumni are involved in all aspects of the music industry, from opera performance, to radio broadcasting, to teaching in public and private schools.   

  • The diversity of our curricular choices is further enhanced by our location in Madison, WI, a community rich in outstanding art, popular, and ethnic music performances. The superb professional performers on our faculty are joined by some of the finest performers and guest artists in the area to ensure excellence in applied instruction for all instruments. 

Career Outcomes

In America and around the globe, the music industry adds billions of dollars to the economy and employs an astonishing number of people. Within the last decade, the global value of retail sales of recorded music alone was estimated at over $37 billion per year. A recent economic study in Nashville reported that the local music industry there supported 54,000 jobs with an estimated labor income of $722 million annually.  

Aspiring musicians may be surprised to learn about the number of careers that exist, including: musicians who compose, conduct, and perform; professionals who create and sell recorded music; personnel associated with live performance, including promoters, advertisers, sales, booking agents, grant writers, business managers, talent scouts; personnel who broadcast music; music journalists, critics, book editors; educators; personnel that support music education, including instrument manufacturers, distributers, salespersons, school ensemble arrangers, and more. 

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