Undergraduate Latin American Studies

As a student pursuing a Latin American Studies minor, you’ll enjoy the opportunity for interdisciplinary study of the social, cultural, political, and economic traditions and contemporary realities of Latin American countries and peoples. You’ll draw upon the expertise of faculty from disciplines like Biology, Economics, Nursing, Political Science, Religious Studies, Sociology, and Spanish language and culture. It is an appropriate minor for students in any major who want a complementary concentration in this increasingly important international region.


Program Highlights

The Greater Madison area is home to a significant Latino population. There are a host of educational and cultural activities throughout the year that provide rich and dynamic experiences for the Latin American Studies scholar.

A Latin American Studies Minor adds an international perspective to any major you may select. It is of particular value to you in disciplines for which a regional focus is helpful, e.g., Business, Economics, International Relations, Political Science, and Spanish.

Career Outcomes

As a graduate with a minor in Latin American Studies Minor, you may choose to pursue many careers: international business, international relations, economic development, government work, and many more.

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