Undergraduate History

The Department of History at Edgewood College currently specializes in American, European and East Asian history.  We are also developing courses on the history of Latin America to add to our areas of specialization. History also offers an African American Speakers Program and a China program in which students visit China for a few weeks in the summer. 


Program Highlights

Classes are small enough for professors and students to know each other well and to develop individual programs of coursework, field experience, seminars, study abroad, and independent research designed to meet the interests and goals of each student.  The History Club provides leadership and co-curricular opportunities, including its annual History Club Distinguished Lecture Series. 

Career Outcomes

A history major is a great foundation for the skills of critical thinking and writing. A history major also prepares one for teaching and graduate school. Over the years, it has been one of the favorite majors for those going on to medical school. One may use history as a foundation major for Library Science or for archival work. 


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