Undergraduate Global Studies

The Global Studies Minor is designed to enhance students’ understanding of diverse cultures, global issues, and other languages. The minor integrates language competency and global/intercultural studies to give students the tools to become engaged citizens in the local/national/global communities they enter after graduation. This minor adds an international perspective to any major.


Program Highlights

The advantage of Edgewood College is taking small classes taught by dedicated faculty. Additionally, students have the freedom to choose elective courses of interest from a broad range of classes, many of which also satisfy general education requirements. This interdisciplinary approach provides the global perspective that students need in today’s world.

Career Outcomes

Students with a Global Studies Minor and an appropriate major pursue many different careers, including:

  • international business
  • international relations (economic development, humanitarian organizations)
  • government work
  • social services
  • travel/tourism
  • education/schools
  • non-profit organizations
  • graduate studies
  • I feel it is my responsibility as a fellow human to stand as an advocate and support system for others who need a voice. I would not have accomplished half as much as I have during my college years if it had not been for the community members who both challenged and encouraged me throughout the process.
    Marissa Blackmore ’16, Summa Cum Laude

Faculty Spotlight

  • April Yerges

    Assistant Professor

  • Jinxing Chen

    Chairman of the History Department, Professor