Undergraduate Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies program will allow you to pursue a broad, interdisciplinary view of environmental issues. In a world where resource use is expanding and the actions of individuals are increasingly likely to have a global impact, Environmental Studies is more relevant than ever before. 


Program Highlights

The Environmental Studies program offers you the opportunity to explore your interest in the environment through rigorous and interdisciplinary coursework in the natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences. You will also have an opportunity to make significant and lasting changes through collaboration with faculty in research and community service. 
You will combine coursework, research and involvement in the community (local and/or global) to gain the perspective and experience necessary to work toward a sustainable future. 

You’ll be uniquely situated within the city of Madison while still surrounded by expansive natural areas. Within an easy walk or bike ride are the shores of beautiful Lake Wingra, pre-settlement oak savanna trees, abundant woodlands, wetlands, and the 1200-acre University of Wisconsin Arboretum, located just across the lake. And you’ll work with faculty and staff who reflect a deep commitment to environmental education and stewardship, making this an ideal place for students interested in Environmental Studies. 

Career Outcomes

The Environmental Studies program prepares you for meaningful, collaborative work in areas such as teaching, research, consultation, writing and activism. 

In our modern world where people around the planet are feeling the effects of environmental degradation due to decades of unsustainable practices, businesses and organizations are increasingly seeking out graduates who can demonstrate a higher level of environmental literacy. The Environmental Studies program can give you the edge you need when taking your first steps in a meaningful career, whether that's in education, research, advocacy, or a host of other possibilities. 

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