Undergrad female in class.


Edgewood College was founded as a teacher's college, and with over 80 years of experience, we continue to excel in the area of teacher preparation. As a student in the School of Education, you will benefit from a wide range of experiences both in and out of the classroom. Your professors and advisors will help you determine your licensing interests, identify the school setting that best suits your strengths and develop a network of professional contacts.  

We offer Majors in:

Elementary Education
Studies in Education

We have Minors in:

Bilingual Education
English as a Second Language (ESL)

Secondary Education (Grades 6–12) for Teaching Majors In:

  • Biology Teaching 
  • Broad Field Science Teaching 
  • Broadfield Social Studies Teaching 
  • Computer Science Teaching 
  • Chemistry Teaching 
  • Economics Teaching 
  • English Teaching 
  • History Teaching 
  • Mathematics Teaching


Edgewood College is a great place for Education majors because you have the opportunity to get out and work in the schools…so that you are prepared to student teach. The professors here care about your success.
Meghan Ross