Undergraduate Business

The Business curriculum is designed to help you develop an integrated understanding of how organizations work and provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively impact those organizations. You will be taught business principles through the lens of ethical leadership and the Dominican values.  

Our integrated program design creates opportunities for you to gain practical business experience across multiple functional areas. Rather than taking courses one subject at a time, you will engage in cross-functional learning circles taught by a team of faculty. This will better prepare you to take what you learn and apply it to real world situations. You graduate as expert problem-solvers, and critical, creative, and systems thinkers.  

Graduates in Business typically find jobs in business, production management, personnel management, marketing management, or financial management. 

We offer 7 concentrations as part of the Business program: 

Sports Management—NEW 
Whether you are an active athlete or an enthusiastic spectator, we can turn that passion into a rewarding career! The concentration in sports management focuses on the management, financing, and marketing of the sports sector. You learn about sports markets and factors that significantly influence policy and business decisions. You will gain an understanding of the key characteristics and dynamics of the sports industry as well as the ethical, legal, financial, and organizational implications it has upon the economy.

The employment outlook is excellent, with job growth expected for a variety of careers, including Sports Agents, Promoters, and Analysts. Salaries are excellent and can average between $65,000 - $100,000 per year.

This concentration is designed to give you an understanding of the theory and practice of the major fields of accounting: financial accounting and reporting, managerial accounting, taxation, accounting information systems, and auditing. The accounting concentration also sets the pathway to achieving CPA.  Accounting is an ever-evolving field with growing career potential. Accountants explain and analyze business data, excel in communications, teamwork, leadership, and possess technical and computer-based skills.

The concentration in finance provides students with the analytical tools and conceptual framework needed to evaluate financial transactions and make financial decisions within firms. This prepares you for work as a credit analyst, equity analyst, or financial analyst with governmental agencies, for-profit corporations, and investment banks. Finance also provides an excellent foundation for graduate study in business, economics, public policy, and law.

General Business
This program focuses on the general study of business. This program prepares you to apply business principles and techniques in various career settings. You have the option of studying a variety of subjects, including accounting, marketing, leadership, management and more.

Health Care Management
The concentration in health care management focuses on the management, financing, and economics of the health care sector. You will learn about health care markets and factors that significantly influence decision making both at the policy level and at the level of the firm or organization. The health care sector includes government agencies, non-profit institutions, major private corporations, medical practices and partnerships, and many small and early-stage health care service and product firms.

The Management concentration gives you a broad education covering the major functional areas of Management. This concentration focuses on organizational development, growth, project management, and logistics.  It will help you prepare for business or government leadership and provide you with knowledge and skills desired by all types of employers.

The Marketing concentration provides a strong foundation for a career in marketing, allowing you to study marketing strategy, consumer behavior, research and analytics, advertising and more. The marketing field is constantly evolving and provides many options for exciting and fast paced careers in all sectors of business, from large corporations to local start-ups.

Business Program Student Achievement Information

Program Highlights

We believe that becoming a young professional requires you to develop key competencies that shape how you engage the world. These competencies include: 

  • An ability to take a systems approach to solving problems and creating new opportunities. 

  • An ability to work collaboratively and negotiate effectively with diverse groups of colleagues. 

  • The willingness to ask the right questions, take reasonable risks, and learn from failure. 

  • The core technical skills to be effective in your field. 

Our curriculum uses an integrated five-semester structure that typically begins in your sophomore year. Faculty from across different business disciplines (marketing, finance, management, and accounting) collaborate to team-teach the integrated semesters.  

The curriculum is real-world focused, with an emphasis on building skills and knowledge as you engage with fellow students, faculty, and local and global partners. The semesters are designed to gradually build in levels of competency and expectations of student independence.

Career Outcomes

The Career Development Program at the School of Business is embedded in the core curriculum. Throughout the program, you will engage in key career development activities, including informational interviews, job shadowing, team-based internships, and individual internships.  

Our students intern in a variety of roles and settings, including personal finance, banking, public and private accounting, insurance, healthcare, marketing, advertising, professional sports, retail sales, social service, and politics. Many of our students get their first jobs with the same firm where they interned. Business students have pursued careers in accounting, advertising, human resources, sales, financial planning, and many other fields. Through the internship experience, students have worked with TDS Metrocom, American Family Insurance, Northwestern Mutual Life, Baker Tilly and Lands' End.


ACBSP, the agency that accredits the Business programs at Edgewood College, requires us to "Provide evidence on the main business page website, or on business program websites, that demonstrate accredited programs provide information to the public on business student achievement."


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