Two guys studying in the cafeteria called Phils


The Business curriculum at Edgewood College is designed to help you develop an integrated understanding of how organizations work and provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively impact those organizations. During your time at Edgewood College, you are making the identity transition from “college student” to “young professional.” We believe that becoming a young professional requires you to develop key competencies that shape how you engage the world. These competencies include:

  • An ability to take a systems approach to solving problems and creating new opportunities.
  • An ability to work collaboratively and negotiate effectively with diverse groups of colleagues.
  • The willingness to ask the right questions, take reasonable risks, and learn from failure.
  • The core technical skills to be effective in your field.

To become a young professional, you need the opportunity to build these skills by being placed in challenging situations that mirror the real world. You will have repeated opportunities to practice being a young professional, with the guidance of passionate, experienced coaches....our faculty.


I have had the opportunity during my community service work at Edgewood College to deal first hand with real issues of Madison and the surrounding communities, involving poverty, pollution and financial literacy. By being involved in everything, it has allowed me to take the lessons I have learned in the classroom and bring them to the real world.
Brady Storhoff, '15