Adult Male in Business class

Bachelor of Business Administration

Completing your college degree will increase your marketability and earning potential in today's highly competitive job market. The Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Edgewood College prepares you to succeed in many areas of business. The flexible format of the Edgewood College BBA program allows you to balance work, home and school. You'll finish fast and earn a degree you can be proud of.
Completing a BBA opens doors to many new professional opportunities. A degree can help you move up the ladder in your current organizations, change careers, pursue a graduate degree, or even open your own business.


Edgewood College made it easy for me, a full-time working adult, to return to school to complete my Bachelor's degree by structuring the program in a way that was efficient yet effective. From the course requirements to the materials studied to the professors, the Adult College Completion program cultivated an intellectual excitement in me that I did not even know was possible.
Bobbi Schoh, BBA