Undergraduate Art Therapy Class

Art Therapy

Edgewood College’s Art Therapy major provides an integrated curriculum consisting of art therapy theory and applications, supervised field experiences in a wide range of settings, psychology, and studio art. We prepare students for competitive admission into art therapy Master’s degree programs—including the Master of Arts in Art Therapy at Edgewood College—and related fields nationwide; as well as post-bachelor’s work in community programs.  We emphasize hands-on learning, creativity, team skills, effective communication, commitment and self-responsibility. Diverse community partnerships and global initiatives engage our students in multicultural and global perspectives in art therapy.


Art Therapy has allowed me to combine two of my passions into one, by helping others through creating works of art. My experience at Edgewood College has not only allowed me to develop several art processes of my own, but it has also allowed me to practice these processes within the Madison community.
Mandy Gallo '17