Art History

Students with a minor in Art History study the history of art and visual culture from ancient times to the present, from many parts of the world. The art history curriculum emphasizes the study of works of art and visual culture in relation to the historical, social, and cultural contexts in which they were made and seen, diverse aesthetic systems, and the role of visual expression as a fundamental aspect of human experience. 


Program Highlights

  • Small classes, from foundations in art history to upper-level classes, in which faculty provide individual attention to students.  
  • Courses are taught by nationally recognized faculty who are active scholars in the field of art history, and students have benefitted greatly from the tremendous range of perspective and expertise that the art history faculty bring to their teaching.  

  •  Art History minors participate in short-term and semester-long study abroad opportunities, gain real-world experience through museum and gallery internships, and can choose to pursue advanced independent study in areas of art history that interest them. 

Career Outcomes

The Art History minor complements majors offered in the Art Department, such as Art, Art Therapy, Graphic Design, and Web Design and Development, and enhances students’ preparation for professional work in these fields. Students with minors in Art History pursue careers in a variety of fields, including work in galleries, museums, and recreational and community-based arts programs. 

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