General Education COR Curriculum in Madison, WI

Edgewood College is founded in the Dominican tradition, where relationship is at the heart of study, reflection, and action for the common good. It is in this spirit that the General Education Program has been designed to help you cultivate the knowledge, skills, habits of mind, and commitments that are the foundation for a rewarding life of personal fulfillment, professional achievement, and public service. The center of your General Education experience is the COR curriculum, named in recognition of the College motto, Cor ad Cor Loquitur, Latin for “heart speaks to heart.” Academic inquiry comes together with critical reflection on personal values, and the COR questions help you explore where your interests and gifts intersect with the world's needs and opportunities.

COR will span your entire education here, with three opportunities to participate in the COR curriculum. Every COR class provides you with an opportunity, in some way, to consider your answers to three important questions: Who am I, and who can I become? What are the needs and opportunities of the world? What is my role in building a just and compassionate world? 

You will find that study and experience are linked through visits to community sites, meetings with community members, and hands-on projects. The integration of learning in and outside the classroom, together with critical reflection on personal values, identity and ethical considerations, makes the COR Program unique. You will apply what you learn right away and see the relevance of classroom learning to the world beyond the classroom, including your own life.