Dominican Catholic Intellectual Life

The Dominican Catholic intellectual tradition involves an ongoing search for truth through a dialogue between faith and reason, Scripture and tradition, nature and grace, the learning of the past and the discoveries of the present – all in service of pursuing a fuller life and contributing to the common good.

The tradition is anchored in our Dominican Heritage

  • St. Dominic gathered a community devoted to a life of prayerful study, reflection, and action as preachers and teachers of God’s truth, goodness and beauty;
  • Albert the Great and Thomas Aquinas enriched the tradition by initiating a dialogue between Christian teaching and knowledge of the ancient and non-Christian worlds, creating a truly catholic, or universal, approach to the search for truth; 
  • The Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa helped to expand the tradition by establishing schools that embody and practice it, for the good of creation and for the good of the entire human family.

What it means to us is that

  • An Edgewood College education is more than an academic or professional development experience;
  • The Dominican Catholic intellectual tradition commits us to pursuing truth in the service of developing engaged citizens who recognize their calling to create a more just, compassionate and sustainable world;
  • In an Edgewood College education there is no competition or contradiction between the truths of faith and the truths of the sciences, the arts and the humanities;
  • The truth within each discipline and perspective is related to the ultimate truth, which is the Mystery of God.

What it calls us to do is to

  • Study vigorously and connect compassionately, putting our knowledge and uncertainties at the service of others;
  • Reach out unceasingly and engage unreservedly with the truths that we encounter in the lives and perspectives of every human being;
  • Listen with our hearts and minds to the voice of God in all that is and respond with courage, reverence and joy.

Document offered by: Dominican Mission Committee
Spring 2016

Dominican Catholic Intellectual Life document