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Adult Accelerated Degree Programs & Certificates

Why Edgewood?

For Working Adults

Edgewood College offers top-quality accelerated degree programs and certificates designed for working adults. Classes typically meet one night per week.

At Low Cost

The cost per credit is less than many other area institutions. We'll do a side-by-side cost comparison for you with other colleges you may be considering.

With a fast Finish

We'll provide you with you a custom degree completion plan so you can fit your coursework into your busy schedule. You'll finish fast and earn a degree you can be proud of.

Adult Accelerated FAQs

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Accelerated Degree Programs

  • Bachelor of Business Administration

    Increase your marketability and earning potential with an accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration degree. 
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  • Bachelor of Science - Computer Information Systems (CIS)

    Provide solutions to real-world business problems with cutting-edge computing and programming skills. 
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  • Bachelor of Science - Organizational Behavior and Leadership

    Contribute to your organization's success by improving the well-being of its people. 
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  • Bachelor of Science - Business/Computer Information Systems

    A comprehensive major that combines the BS-CIS degree and courses within the BBA program
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Students in each of the Adult Accelerated Degree Programs may add a minor in another program. Contact your advisor for details.


  • Post Baccalaureate - Foundations of Accounting

    Gain accounting skills to supplement your Bachelor's degree. 
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  • Undergraduate - Organizational Behavior and Leadership

    Upgrade your leadership and management skills without committing to a degree program. 
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What our graduates say:

"Every professor and instructor in the Adult Accelerated program gave a unique and distinctive learning experience.  Each person challenged me in different ways so that I was eager to learn and discover more about the subjects covered."
Tynna Schroeder, Bachelor of Science, Adult Accelerated Program